Dreams: June 15, 1997

a seedy amusement park

I'm paddling a boat on a lake with Megan and some male.
NEXT, I'm taking a trip with Mom. We are driving, trying to find a group of people. We get to an amusement park area. We get out and walk around. We decide to go on a ride. We're choosing between a row of little net booths. During the ride they will all rise up into the air together and then come straight down really quickly. It looks like we're in a narrow hallway. An older man who looks kind of white trash works here. As we try to decide, he tells us about the skydiving option of this ride: you get in, and after it goes all the way up, you jump out and open up your parachute. He tells us about other options too. He tells us that it hurts if "you have big boobies." He points to mine and makes an evaluation.
Mom and I step into one of the booths. It has white netting for walls. The whole thing starts moving upwards, like a fast elevator. When we get to the top it stops for a second and then descends really fast. It feels like we're just falling through the air. It's exhilerating but also scary. I think to myself What if this big contraption breaks and the machinery fails? It seems really clanky & clunky funky, like the untrustworthy rides at the Jackson County Fair. I think about how I'd die, how my life is now in the hands of this big ride. We're sitting so that our backs are up against the one non-net wall. Down, down, down.
Shloop -- finally we slow down (with a quick brake) and then stop. We're back down on the ground, so I hop out of the booth. At that moment, the whole thing starts moving upwards again. It's too late -- my feet are on the ground. I look up and see our little booth with its hole in the floor (where I just jumped out of it), the door swinging open. Mom's face is looking down at me. I see that Phoebe is now up in the booth too. Soon they're out of sight.
I focus back to the ground-level scene around me. I'm in a dingy area. I look on the walls and see old black & white photos of a 1920s nightclub. Naked black showgirls are dancing around men. I look over and see another ride coming down toward the ground at an incredibly fast speed. It stops only several feet above the ground. The people look satisfied.
I realize I'm going to have to pass the time until Mom's ride comes back down. I'm in a seedy part of town. Suddenly I'm with an older man. We're having a sexual encounter. His hand is in front of me, his thumb held up vertically. The man refers to his "hamburger" several times.


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