Dreams: June 3, 1997

hundreds of showers

I'm trying to hurry to get ready for something. I look at my watch; I only have thirty minutes. I need to shower. I'm in some big house where I see showerheads sticking out of the walls all over the place. I gather up my face wash, soap, etc. and go get under one.

the Safeway view

NEXT, I'm walking along some wilderness trail with a male Swattie. Waterfalls and cliffs are all around us. We are walking to campus.
When we get to campus we go to Sharples (the dining hall). The food being served at this meal looks unusually gourmet. My friend and I sit down at a table. The group of people at this table is playing a fun activity with a scrambled group of letters; each person forms their own creative phrase from it. As people go around, I can think of all sorts of witty possibilities. But then when it finally gets to be my turn, I can't think of any more. None of the phrases work because I don't have the right letters. I keep trying. I can tell people are getting tired of waiting. "Mysterious" is one of the words I form. Then I finally change it to come up with my final phrase: "The best view is the Safeway view."


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