Dreams: August 1, 1997

slender bodies surround me

I'm walking through a city. I see an interesting clothing shop, so I go inside. I'm the only one here. All the walls are covered in huge pictures of skinny, tall models sashaying down runways. I leave. A group of my friends are waiting for me outside. Rosie D. and I skip ahead together, laughing and having fun.

hammering Mark with my watergun

NEXT, I'm standing on the front porch of Mom's house. Looking down at Mark & Ginger's place, I see that their front door is on the side, facing their backyard. I can see right into their living room. I am holding a big dip-stick watergun that is filled with a liquid substance that looks like natural apple cider.
Mark is standing at his front door, behind the screen. I'm shooting down at him; my gun is powerful enough to shoot that far. At first it's funny, just a game. The brownish stuff is hitting him, dripping all over the floor of his house. I twist the white revolver part (where the liquid comes out of the little hole). Now it shoots even further and harder. I squirt Mark in the face. His mood changes, and he starts looking very irked. I keep firing.
Now it looks like he's trying to tell me to stop. He ducks back into the house where I can't see him. I keep spraying. There is a big bowl sitting next to their door, right inside the house. It is the size of a small wading pool, about knee-high (one of the dog's eating dishes?). I shoot my gun until the bowl is almost filled up; my ammo finally runs out, and I go back into Mom's house.


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