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Danielle Sass (Character #13)

I am a Class of '99 student at Swarthmore College. I am currently planning to arrange a special major in environmental studies (or biology or psychology) and will be away in the spring of '97 to pursue field-work experience in British Columbia. Though capable with computers, this is is my first involvement with a web page.

E-mail me at:

Gerry Kaufman (Character #17)

I am currently procrastinating. If you see me, please tell me to do my work. Right now, my major is doing whatever makes Prof. Tom Blackburn happy. I am from Florida. Not really, though. My phone number at school is (610) 690-2758. I invite unexpected late-night calls from incredibly beautiful women. Finally, I would like to welcome you to Tristram Shandy HTML, and advise you to store this and all other hypertexts out of the reach of small children.

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ani (Character #7)

I go by my middle name ani, no caps, pronounciation varies depending on what language you speak. I am a Engineering and Economics double major, member of the class of '99. For some more digression? Check my homepage or drop me an e-mail.

Keith Earley (Character #4)

People call me OZ, OZZY, OZZ,Double 0 - Z, ZOE, and many other variations of my original nickname, OZ (Over Zealous). KeithThe names say alot about who I am.

Laurence Sterne (Character #9)


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