Michal Zadara

Me, lost in Poland, not far from the russian (Kaliningrad district) border. This is a self-portrait.


This web-page has not been updated in years. It is really quite useless. Unless you want to know about me five years ago.
If you are interested in writing me a letter:
Michal Zadara
Doblhoffg. 5/16
1010 Wien

At this point, you can enter four multi-cultural, trans-national, and super-rational cyberspace experiences:

Smomnet is the official organ of the famous literary/political/artsy organization known as the Friends of SMOM. At this point, all that you will be able to find here is a picture of Fred and myself looking very good indeed.

[BAISnet is not an organ. It is a link to stuff related to the American International School, Vienna, Austria.

CabaretNet contains information on a cabaret which we organized last semester and some stuff on the show we're doing this semester.

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This page: Michal Zadara.
Please Don't send me e-mail.I won't be able to read it for a year
4 June 1996