I do like to travel, so here is a list of places that I've been and would like to go.

This summer,My family is going to the Canadian Maritimes, Prince Edward Island (home of Anne of Green Gables), Nova Scotia (where my Grandfather Hay is from), and maybe even an excursion into New Brunswick.

In fact, because I'm from the Detroit area, I spend a decent amount of time in Canada. This is a link to a Canadian site, called True North. It's a pretty good site, and it's got all things Canadian.

My family went to the city of Rome for one of our vacations because my parents went once and thought that it was one of the most amazing things they'd ever seen. Three ancient cities all built one on top of the other. While we were there we decided to walk all of the way around The Vatican, an entirely autonomous nation.

Since the World Cup during the summer of '94, I've been smitten with the country of ' Argentina. I've taken Spainish for many years and would love to work there for a summer. (If anyone has any job leads, please...drop me a line).

My family is on an active quest to see all of the national parks. We've seen:

I have a love of all things Irish. I'm planning on studying at Trinity College in Dublin this summer, and I'm really excited.