George Matula #9

Position: Middle Blocker

Year: Senior

Height: 6' 3"

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Bio: George stepped onto the scene his sophomore year and was an immediate success at middle blocker. He, Dylan, and Paul make up a deadly triumvirate from the class of 1998, all of whom have started for as long as they have been on the team. Of the three of them, George is the tallest and the skinniest. He also brings flava to the team like no one else. He leads the cheers, bounces off of walls, and always makes the team ready to play. This past season, George continued his crazy hitting and added the team's #1 serve - a highly consistent jumper. George was also voted to have the best team spirit on the whole squad.

Rookie of the Year 1996
Best Team Spirit 1997
Captain 1998

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