I recieved the following email when I was directing traffic to cyber-cinema for the movie poster:

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 16:22:20 -0800
From: Gwyn Weger <Wegergm@osd.pentagon.mil7>
To: dylan@condor.sccs.swarthmore.edu
Subject: Dylan's Tombstone Page

Just to let you know, your source for the poster is worse than bad. I ordered a poster for a Christmas present on Dec 3rd. I still have not received it even after numerous emails. First they told me they mailed it. Then they said that they mailed a replacement. Now they tell me that they are awaiting delivery.They keep telling me that it will be in "this week." At one point I asked for a refund and they did not respond. I wouldn't refer anyone to that source.

Gwyn Weger

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