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So many links, so little time....I tried to put all the worthwhile links I could find here - hope you enjoy them!

THE TRAILER of the movie. :) Just watched the movie last night :)

David Willis has a Flair with Paintbrush as is evidenced by his awesome renditions of all your favorite TFs!

The Internet Movie Database has a good review of The Movie

Speaking of the movie, there is a nice site set up For the 10th Anniversary

Since they don't take up much space, I've made some Sounds in RA format available for you to use!

There are lots of Transformers Sites listed at Yahoo!

As a fan of the Transformers, you Must Visit this Site It's just the best one.
It's in Sweden, so you know it rocks!
Seriously, there is so much Transformers stuff on here (like 100 links!?)
You could spend weeks going through all of it.

Mad Max has some DOPE Images! Oh man, check it out!

James Hoxsey lets you access the FTP site, and has a shmoov page overall.

Casey Casem?? is it really you? Someone has taken the handle of "Teletran One" and put This grade-A site together....

The Randster has a schweet little Teletran homage thing goin' on, too!

The Movie?? Yes, the movie. It is being RE-RELEASED In February. More info here.

Anthony Oster has founded a society he calls "The Bring Back the Transformers Foundation" whose express goal is to get the series back on TV! (hopefully the SFC) and you can email him if you want to join.

You should really check out Diana's Transformers Purity Test. It takes a while to take the thing, but you all should try. I found out I'm not half the junkie that some of you are! :P

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