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11657 1 TRANSFORMERS - THE MOVIE Vhs NTSC ($12.99US) @ $16.99 1 11-Feb-97 12:43 am - Order Received, 11-Feb-97 12:35 pm - Order Printed and sent for processing. 13-Feb-97 3:12 pm - This movie has been ordered from the Studio. It will be released on February 25, 1997. 24-Feb-97 2:47 pm - Order Received from the Studio. 25-Feb-97 4:11 pm - Sold on Our Invoice # 536658 on 25-Feb-97 for 22.39 It was shipped by Air Mail

4-Mar-97 3:00 pm - IT GOT HERE!

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As of 8/25/1998, the price has been increased to $18.99 (US$)