My Friends' Pages

Pardon me as I laugh. Sorry, I've seen so many of these friends.htmls that I've come to think that having a link to all of your friends is silly, almost cliché. along with music.html, me.html, and resume.html, friends.html sits among the pantheon of Web Pages Everyone Has. I have resume, music, and a rough equivalent of me somewhere, but I don't have a good version of friends. My inadequacy motivates this massive undertaking, this smorgassbord of links to people who I have met whose pages are of the highest quality. If you think I'm a friend of yours and your homepage isn't here, then I guess I don't like you. Or maybe I think your page bites. Sorry, I'm kidding, I just get like that sometimes. :) Seriously, email me if you want to be included, or come by and see me, so that we can meet and I can finally include you here.

I count everyone whose name I know as a friend. Oh, and that I've met. For example, Bill Clinton is no friend of mine, simply because we haven't met. I really love the adage, "There are no strangers, only friends we haven't met."

btw, I have tried to add some emphasis to the names of those that I feel have put tremendous amounts of work into their pages. I have the highest respect for them! The friends I *have* met, then:

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