I lame is an anagram for Email

Bill Palm does a mean Dennis Leary at Penn State.

Lynn Chosiad has been seen dancing to a Hungarian Polka record.

Julie Humphreys still hasn't gotten her act together and done her own Web Page.

Rob Brooks suffers the life only lived by a Red Sox fan. (Also has a Web Page!)

Seth Murray What a guy. disc. bball. snowballs. good at throwing things.

Salinda Daley won the "Future Farmer" Award at my high school.

Jimmy Chan is perhaps the hairiest, sexiest man I have ever met.

Paul Hsu is the best volleyball player I've ever seen.

Ashley Flynn is from the woods of Maine. She has email there, though.

Kristin Vitalich is having a boring summer. Please liven it up. :)

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl does homework on Saturday mornings, but he has a really cool Web Page!

My Dad just started working on his own Web Site