According to Webster's Ninth:

1dis€patch \dis-'pach\ vb [Sp despachar or It dispacciare, fr. Prov despachar to get rid of, fr. MF despeechier to set free, fr. OF, fr. des- + -peechier (as in empeecher to hinder) -- more at IMPEECH] vt (1517) 1 : to send off or away with promptness or speed esp. on official business 2 a : to kill with quick efficiency b obs : DEPRIVE 3 : to dispose of (as a task) rapidly or efficiently ~ vi, archaic : to make haste : HURRY syn see KILL -- dis€patch€er n

2dispatch n (1571) 1 : the act of dispatching: as a obs : DISMISSAL b : the act of killing c (1) : prompt settlement (as of an item of business) (2) : quick riddance d : a sending off : SHIPMENT 2 a : a message sent with speed' esp : an important official message sent by a diplomatic, military, or naval officer (sent a ~ to the war department) b : a news item filed by a correspondant 3 : promptness and efficiency in performance or transmission syn see HASTE

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