D i s p a t c h i n g

an ancient art

Welcome to the dispatching home page! Hopefully, this will provide information that you, as a dispatcher, will find important.

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Why don't you take a look at the definition of dispatching, and notice the qualities that a dispatcher is to maintain, as well as some much-needed humor. (FYI, anyone caught trying to kill printouts will be dealt with accordingly ) You may want to visit the homepage of your employer, The Computing Center. The CC has the dispatcher's job description online.

The T o o l s of the Trade
toner cartridges Paperclips Printing at other schools

You can also check out Homepages of other dispatchers if you are so inclined. Some of us are pretty good at anything computer related! Or to get to know those in the SCCS, there are Swattie Homepages available, too!

Well that is all for now. if you have any questions about this page or dispatching in general, call me (x3556) or email me at disman@swarthmore.edu. If you are having a problem with the printers, try to call me or another dispatcher. He or she should be able to help you out!

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