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March 1, 1998


Spring Semester 1998
and I'm rarin' to graduate!

O n e    M o r e    S e m e s t e r !

My E90 is finally showing some promise; getting in touch with suppliers has proven to be surprisingly difficult, though. hm. I dropped as many classes as I can afford to drop and stil graduate - I'm down to E90, E81 and psyc 1. the last two look like they'll be pretty interesting, which makes me happy! :)
Volleyball 6-8AM practices: well I did one, but I am really concerned that these 3-hour sleep nights are detrimental to my health. so I think I'm going to stop going to the early morning practices for that reason. it's a shame we have to have practices at this time, because I really enjoy them. I just won't jeopardize my health like that!

Graduate School. Everyone seems to be getting into places now except for me! wah. I don't think engineering holds much of a future for me, so Now my search for an actual subject has landed on Information Science. I had the realization in a library this semester. it was McCabe. pow. I think there are good programs just about anywhere - specifically, Berkeley, Washington and Arizona - where all the COOL folk are. I'm sad that Stanford doesn't seem to have anything doing in this area. My great grandfather got their first-ever PhD in Biology.

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