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April 18, 1998

HOWDY! Hey E90 rough draft is due in count 'em one, two days! And I am pretty happy with where I am right now, though I haven't really fleshed out the design of a tubular skylight. So I think I ought to work on some aspects of what that product would actually have. Wow you must have no idea of what I'm talking about. Well, E90 is the senior engineering design class here at Swat, and it is a lot of fun once you get going! (It can be a real drag at times, but that is part of what eventually makes it fun!)

In related news, I finally got into a volleyball game! Last home match of my college career, and I was the only senior who doesn't usually start, so I got to play! It was cool - first game I got to set all my senior comrades, and we won. Then in the second game, our coach got all caught up in the spirit of letting people play and so he presented me the rest of the bench instead of the seniors. Put together with be shaking off the effects of getting six-packed, this plan created a loss in game 2. The regular players got in for games 3 and 4, and they finished up nicely.

What else is going on. Hmmm. another engineering class has a project that needs some help, and I need to somehow get that done next week! Ack! So basically I'm faced with: if I do a bad job on my E81 project, then 20% of my grade will be bad. If I do a bad job on my E90 project, my chances of graduating are bad. Easy decision, huh? But both are really interesting, so I at least should have no problem choosing between working on them and playing Pac-man!

Mmmm...I'm having pizza tonight...Papa John's....sorta like dominos, but different in that they deliver to me, and dominos is too far away. And they always send this great garlic sauce with the pizzas... mmm... I like to have a Renato's pie every now and then, mostly because they're local, but also because they were the best pizza in town before papa's moved in. So I ate many a renato's pizza during my first three years here at swat. ahh memories...heh, The Freshmen was on the radio yesterday.

I was struck with missing home today. Scott Budnick, for one, comes to mind. I'm not really much in touch with him; last time we talked he mentioned how much he fears email. poor Scott. And my brother got an eyebrow ring in England. To quote Lisa Simpson, "How rebellious! ...in a conformist sort of way..." Allright already...work and pizza call. ciao.

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