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March 16, 1998

Hello? is this thing on?? What's up out there, people. hey people are actually *looking* at this page! nuts, huh? not many, but a select few have been careless enough to wander over here.

If you don't know, THE PARTY IS GOIN ON! Just ask Antonio Reynolds-Dean here. Why is he bustin a move? Well. He just helped his team, the RHODE ISLAND RAMS, upset #1 seed Kansas in the NCAA tournament! YEAH! (I'm from Rhode Island, have played much hoop on campus, seen the games, etc etc!) I am like the only person south of New York to make THAT call. too bad I had Delaware in the final four, huh. oh well.

Oh, and a crazy thing about the NCAAs - ESPN had this poll of what was the greatest performance of this past week. the top two contenders were NCAA-related; one was some guy from Valparasio, who had back to back 22 point games, and a buzzer-beating shot to help #13 Valpo into the Sweet 16. the other was a woman from Harvard who scored like 35 points and had 13 boards to help #16 Harvard upset #1 Stanford in the first round of the women's NCAA tourney. That is the first time in NCAA BBall history for a #16 seed to win. First time. So I voted for her. and wouldn't you know, the MAN is the one who is ahead in the poll. Lame. Well I'm also rooting against Valpo, since they're the next team that URI is going to BEAT, BABY! Speaking like that, Dickie V is a little ahead of me in picking; I have 39 points through 2 rounds, he has 44.

Damn I have done too much webbing lately. Created a Mike Greenwell page and a Roger Clemens page. Also redesigned my Front Page a little. damn, I'm nuts. Oh yeah, and i just figured out how the access_log works for us; it's tricky, since we have two machines running in parallel. We have access logs on each one, and the one we actually use is on the machine that I don't use as much.

I've been saying DAMN a lot lately, I think because I just met this chick named DAWN. Hey Dawn! I hope the sonics pulled it out, even if Payton's a bitch. Oh and hello to Cam, who i've never met. Dawn met me through my MS page; she sent me an email that said "MS sucks!" I agree. woof. homework? oh yeah, right! ha, I'll go do that.

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