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March 9, 1998


Spring Semester 1998
and I'm STILL rarin' to graduate!

This whole <dd> thing is so much fun! all the work that has to be put into &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp but none of the horrible typing. I remember picking this neat nittle tag up from Justin a ways back, but I just now realized that IE uses <dd> different than Netscape! argh! where is the platformless browser??? Ah well. I'm not commercial, so I can afford to ignore IE users.
until I get a web job and have to design more robust sites. well I have a few months of freedom ahead of me... . .

My E90 suddenly has a real plan, and I'm actually excited about doing it. Let's hope I manage to do something good with my break, which I am spending here at school to try to get some good work done on my project. It's all about Light Management, which is just what it sounds like. I'm taking sunlight (actually, probably a slide projector's light since it's so rainy lately) and seeing how I can bounce it through circular and square tubing of various configurations. I want to put up a web presence for this project, and once I do, you can find it here.

Paul just wrote a real nice biography about me for our webpage - once it's up, you'll be able to find it Here. and it should be up sometime next week, I'd imagine. I had a wonderful athletic day today; went down to the fieldhouse and played some h o o p, then went for a little hike in the Crum. Then topped off the day with a plate full of fruits and veggies and half of a Renato's Pizza! Mmmmmmm.... Looks like Renato changed his recipe - more New York style than chicago. Though not true NY style, just closer.

Damn, I'm rambling. That means it's time to go play with my E81 homework. Too much prowebstination today! >:(

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