Ever want to know what the Sun Signs are all about? Want to get some funky Free Natal Charts? They are relatively good, though to get rock-solid ones you need to pay. And keep in mind that they are all computer-generated, so the text you see is generic, and doesn't take into consideration your entire chart. If you want to know your Natal Chart cold, you'll have to find a professional astrologer.

Clara presents a good site w/free readings Meanings of the Numbers AwareNET - free expression report Numerology and Crystals

Mystic Match: Numerology

Le Caravel Numerology

Comprehensive Introduction of numerology

More Numerology- Vowels and Consonants

Destiny's Numerology

Free and Complete Numerology Reading ^--This is Da BOMB!

Your sexual nature according to numerology (over 18 only!)
Wonderful Interactive Charts available from Matrix Software!

FREE Natal Charts Wonderful Occult site Comprehensive Sino-vietnamese Astrology (wazzup to all my Dragon friends out there!)

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