BRH 101

A survey course in
that marimba guy.

Lesson 1: Identification

The first objective of this course is to prevent any possible errors in actually recognizing Byron Holz on sight. The two photgraphs above have therefore been provided as aids. The careful student should realize immediately that the photo on the left is not a true picture of Byron and is in fact an enhancement of a recent infrared photo of the surface of Io taken using the Huble Space Telescope. The photo on the right is, of course, an actual image of our subject.

Lesson 2: Statistical Analysis

The low down facts and figures on that bearded chap who takes too many courses for his own health. The veracity of this information is guaranteed except when it isn't true. No animals were harmed in acquiring this data, though some were a bit shaken up afterwards.

Vital Statistics

Not So Vital Statistics


There will surely be more info available on our subject as time goes on, but for now, as his dad would say: "Well... there it is then."

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