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eating is a big production - simply the size of food makes it expensive to produce, transport and deliver. why not "food in a pill" ?

power bar today we have "power bars" - condensed sustenance. (of that genre of food, i recommend clif bars, precisely because power bars have all the essential nutrients and are barely palatable, but clif bars have a more nature-oriented food delivery, so it tastes and settles better.)

either way, when you compare wrappered food bars to a heaping bowl of warm organics, quickly swallowing food-as-necessity fails to deliver the feeling of nourishment provided by traditional eating; the texture and nature of foodstuffs is so important.

but recently i realized the humane possibility of pill-food: maximization of food resources for distribution to those lacking access to proper nutrients.

vitamins interestingly enough, preliminary work offering pill sized foodstuffs to the human race concerns primarily nutrient augmentation (vitamins) and even reduction of the food intake (diet pills) of the well-to-do, rather than a more equitable distribution of resources.

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