Javascript Topic Map Tools

These are the result of a summer research project at Swarthmore College by Ames Bielenberg in 2009 with professor Erik Cheever. They are written almost entirely in Javascript, with a pinch PHP for serverside file handling.


An interface to browse Topic Map files. Loads an XTM (Xml Topic Map) file from the server and displays topics with association links.

Topic Maps and topics can be directly linked to with the ? and # operators; for example, tmExplore/?opera#puccini brings the user to the topic Puccini in the famous Italian Opera topic map.

Other interesting topic maps:

concerns Jon, Lucy, Mark, and friends.
includes many of the known topic map technologies available
concerns the Topic Map world
a simple demonstration
the The United Nations Standard Products and Services CodeĀ® is a giant database of every service and product fit for standardising, (or something). WARNING: Giant file takes 30 seconds to parse on a fast computer, and some topics take much longet to display (21,564 topics).

See all XTM files here. These names can be inserted after tmExplore/? to explore the map (exclude '.xml')


tmExplore screenshot


tmMaker (requires authentication)

tmMaker screenshot