Lesson Plan

Fairy Tales: Role Playing A Fairy Tale

1 day lesson

(This lesson could be done with any fairy tale, encourages students to engage with literature and take ownership over classroom material.)

Essential Questions…

-What constitutes a fairy tale?

- How do we identify each fairy tale element?

- What are some ways to role play a fairy tale?

- How do we work in groups effectively?

Demonstrate Understanding by…

-Students will be able to identify elements of the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk, and therefore as in the genre of fairy tales.

-Students will role play the characters of the story and engage with literature.

-Students will effectively work in groups.

-Students will be able to identify the country of origin of fairy tale and label it on their map.

-Listen carefully to fairy tales to identify when their dialogue will come in.

-Student will reenact story through multiples venues, orally, dramatically, and kinesthetically.


­-Optional props could be used for the role play (hat for jack, a plant as a beanstalk, a bean etc.)


-Slips of paper with dialogue written on them (must prepare in advance, and make sure there is enough for each student)