Nelson Pavlosky
901 N. Monroe St., Apt. #908
Arlington, VA 22201
(973) 580-7510

Hi! I'm Nelson Pavlosky and I'm interested in giving a talk about free culture and related issues at your school.

Why you might want me to speak at your school:

I sued Diebold Election Systems because they were abusing copyright law in an attempt to suppress some embarrassing memos that revealed flaws in their voting machines. We won the case and set an important legal precedent protecting freedom of speech on the Internet, one which you may be studying in your law class. Jennifer Jenkins at Duke Law School told me when I spoke for her class that I covered the intricacies of my case and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act better than any of her law students, even though I was still an undergrad at Swarthmore College.

I founded Students for Free Culture, an international student organization dedicated to intellectual property policy reform and grassroots creativity, named after the book Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig. If your class is reading Free Culture, I can speak to many issues addressed in the book. If you're interested in starting a Free Culture chapter at your school, I can help you get things rolling, as I have at other schools such as Northeastern University.

I'm a popular speaker with a long track record, including appearances at Yale Law, U Penn, U Iowa Law, Duke Law, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Reed, Scripps College, and Chadwick High School. I've been interviewed by the New York Times, Al Franken, the Associated Press, NPR's All Things Considered, Mother Jones, Wired News, ARD German TV, and many others. I appear in the documentary Freedom of Expression (around 4:16 in the YouTube clip), as well as a few others that are still in production.

I'm a cheaper date than Lawrence Lessig, Jimbo Wales or other big-ticket speakers you might be considering. I'm a starving college student, so I can use whatever money you can give me, but I don't have children to feed or anything. If your budget is tight, I may be willing to speak for just travel costs, food, and lodging.

Subjects I can speak about:

I can customize my talk to your audience and your needs. If some of these subjects look more interesting or relevant to you than others, tell me and I can emphasize them.

The Diebold case:
The Diebold case covers a lot of territory, and I usually address these issues when I talk about it:

The free culture movement:
I'm only responsible for one small part of it, but I can talk intelligently about many free culture projects including famous projects like Wikipedia as well as many lesser known ones.

Students for Free Culture:
I also like to discuss the methods that Students for Free Culture employs to organize and engage student activists, using our numerous past projects as illustrations. (See SFC's Wikipedia article.)

Sound interesting?

Just email me at Hopefully I will be speaking at your campus soon!