I never studied Art. As a child, certainly, I drew my share of yellow-haired, noseless individuals, families where height and age were linearly related, on the domain from birth to adulthood. In high school, I learned the fine and exalted art of doodling in black gel pen, and making it look as though it were something better. I could throw misshapen clay pots with the best of them.

Drawing for its own sake is a focus, an almost meditational form of relaxation, refreshing like some more focused form of sleep. Occasionally, I can even catch on paper the images in my head.


serene genie (high school)
spun obsidian (college, insufficient resolution)
embracing the darkness (spring '03)
phoenix (college, with Octavia Butler quote)
summon the spring (college)
lake of fire (college)
river of ice (college)
lament (college)
Assorted other pen-and-ink


Sketches drawn when I should been doing problem sets (spring '04 onward)
Sketches, mostly drawn during math (fall '03)
Sketches, mostly drawn after class (high school through fall '03)