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Everything2 Plugin for GAIM

Replaces square bracketed text with links to everything2 nodes. Rewritten from John Baboval's original e2 plugin.

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This plugin is not perfect, but has been tested with gaim 0.74. To build, place in your gaim/plugins source directory(from the gaim sourceball), build gaim, then execute "make" in the plugins directory. Copy to your lib/gaim directory(ie, /usr/local/lib/gaim/, and then you should be able to load the plugin. This tarball also has a binary version compiled for Linux i686 with gcc 3.2.3

If anyone has the resource/know-how to compile this thing in a win32 environment, let me know. More to the point, if it compiles, send me the binary and I'll post it.

Jan 7 2004: I've rewritten the whole damn thing completely now, as the previous version was crashing erratically. It's probably a bit less efficient now, but it uses entirely the strn set of functions instead of the str functions, so it shouldn't segfault anymore. Let me know.

Feb 16 2004: Added escaping of brackets. \[something] will output [something], unlinked, and \\[something] will create a link \something retaining the slash before it. Also, the binary has been stripped.

Cygnet Cropper
Tool to resize and crop arbitrary photos more or less automagically, where automagically means draw a bounding box, and it adjusts it to a good cropping size so that the image can then be resized to a hardcoded size.

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Provided as-is. I'll add some docs and make it a little easier to use later. At least it *works* now... Next step: add a face detector.

sync2flash scripts
This is a couple of simple bash scripts to easily manage rsyncing to a usb flash drive. There's nothing particularly exciting about them. sync2flash rsyncs the files specified by .sync-settings to the flash drive(specified by .sync-settings), and sync2home syncs from the drive to your home directory. Each script mounts the flash drive(if necessary) and unmounts the drive afterwards. Could be used in conjunction with hotplug for some cool results.

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To use: modify .sync-settings-example, and create .sync-files if you choose to use that method(advantage: echo " filename " >> .sync-files to add a file to the rsync repository). The flash drive needs an entry in /etc/fstab to mount as a user. Note that some flash drives do not get consistent /dev/sd[a-z] device names.

Note that rsync doesn't care for vfat very much, so its best to reformat the flash drive to a better filesystem.