Sven Olsen's Homepage
(hq has now moved to the NU CS server)

Various things I've (mostly) finished with:

cs140: The reason I now read siggraph papers for fun.

van_gogh: "fluid simulation as a means of informing painterly rendering."

Things involving Matt: A category deserving of its own webpage :)


FreeType Tutorial: Something I wrote on a whim in the summer of '03.
The tutorial code on NeHe's site has a known bug -- here's the fix, hopefully Jeff will get around to updating the page soon.  If you found the tutorial helpful, you might also be interested in this hacked version of the tutorial code that uses glDrawPixels instead of textured polygons to render the character glyphs -- it's simpler, and may be more robust (because it's immune to any problems related to texture memory or matrix stacks). 

Command Line Pipes in C++: An attempt to do something clever with subversion scripts, more than an honest effort to make a useful demo ;-)