Swarthmore College: Fellowships and Prizes


Mary Campbell '03 (irmgardkeun-at-gmx.net)

Erica Cartmill '03 (Erica_Cartmill-at-alum.swarthmore.edu)

Vernon Chaplin '07 (vchapli1-at-swarthmore.edu)

Matt Fiedler '06 (mfiedle1-at-swarthmore.edu)

Ben Geller '01 (bdavidgeller-at-yahoo.com)

Youngmee Hahn '05 (youngmee.hahn-at-gmail.com)

David Jones '93 (dj.at.yvr att gmail dotNOJUNKcom)

Jacob Krich '00 (jkrich-at-alum.swarthmore.edu)

Matt Landreman '03 (mlandre1-at-sccs.swarthmore.edu)

Emery Ku '05 (emery-at-sccs.swarthmore.edu)

Charlie Mayer '98 (CMayer-at-npr.org)

Matt Miller '04 (mmiller1-at-gmail.com)

Arun Mohan '00 (arunmohan-at-alum.swarthmore.edu)

Michael Morse '03 (mdmorse-at-alum.swarthmore.edu)

Tafadzwe Muguwe '05

Jayanti Owens '06 (jowens1-at-swarthmore.edu)

Emiliano Rodriguez '05 (erodrig1-at-swarthmore.edu)

Kevin Setter '02 (kevinsetter-at-yahoo.com)

Robin Smith '03 (robinleslie-at-alum.swarthmore.edu)

Marissa Vahlsing '06 (mvahlsi1-at-swarthmore.edu)

Nick Ward '05 (nward-at-sccs.swarthmore.edu)

Ursula Whitcher '03 (ursula at math dot washington dot edu)

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