my cute sister Alexis
Alexis Ellen Heikkinen

[updated March 26, 2002]:
Alexis is now eighteen, and to prove it she has several large tattoos spanning the breadth of her back, and in bracelets around her ankles. She can now smoke legally, she notes, and can also legally buy pornography, enter stores that don't actually card but may look at you funny. Oh yeah, and vote. Too bad that doesn't do anything in this country. I can't tell you with certainty what color her hair is at any given moment. She's at Shabazz, and actually likes taking classes with my erstwhile "history" teacher (and I use both terms loosely). Other relevant bits remian in the previous blurb, though it is mostly out of date.
[updated May or so, 2001?]:
Alexis would like to note that I have not updated her blurb in quite some time, for which I apologize. She is now seventeen and a few months (not sixteen as previously noted, still plays bass and has now become principal of WYSO Philharmonia's bass section, no longer does YSP (Young Shakespeare Players), and would like me to note that that is my nailpolish on her glasses, not hers. which it in fact is. duly noted. She's an avid reader of the Dykes to Watch Out For strip, which i agree is damn funny (she has all the books). The shirt she's wearing, for what it's worth, used to say "the more i see men, the more i likeThis summer (2001), she's going to the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), where she'll spend four jobless weeks doing cool artsy things instead of having to earn money -- and she's getting a merit scholarship to go do it, you lucky turkey! However, it still remains (as stated before) that I am three years, six months, and one week older than she is, and this part of the blurb won't change, dearie. sorry. :)
my crazy dad
Charles Alexander Heikkinen

My dad. Weird and wonderful. This is the first shot he took with his digital camera. Dad, you rock, and yes I mailed the taxes on time, and thanks for doing them. My crazy dad speaks German (but only when yelling at his dog--Das ist verboten, Hund!) and Japanese and birdwatches like a banshee. I love him.
my mom
E[leanor] Kay Heikkinen

My mom. The fourth of the line of Eleanors (first girl on the maternal side; I'm the fifth. All up until her went by their middle names--Adelaide, Beatrice, Maxine, Kay. I'm just Nori). Speaks about six languages fluently (though she'll deny it). Walking encyclopedia / dictionary. Professor of Islam. Cool mom.