CTD - Equinox, 1996

Oh my. Look at us.the group at The Unicorn We were absolutely ridiculous. (From left, in case any one could slip your memory, Anna, Julie, Spider, Chris, Devon (sp? --I remember it was weird). I'm not going to attempt to fill this whole page with memories and text, but here are some pictures from that crazy three weeks. (Yes, I'm only now cleaning out my room.)


Sadly, I have no pictures from this show! Do either of you? I hope?

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Julie supplicating Spider Nori does not see Susie, but Puck does! :) us all again Bottom & Puck and again nori & julie ... doing what I don't know


Julie the goddess of ice cream creations Anna the vixen of ice cream creations Chris in a skirt Spider and Devon try making sourdough Anna chillin' on her bed, reading A Midsummer Night's Dream
There we go. Any more pictures, send them to me. I like webpages, but I'm still going to make an actual photo album as soon as I can jump my car to drive down to Target to get some. Love you two.

- nh