july 26, 2001

maybe i feel guilty for updating so infrequently this summer. or maybe any semblance i may have had of a work ethic has just completely dissolved. either way... here i am again. i hope to be better about updating when i am in quito, provided i have regular access to a computer. i should, i think.

you know what i want? a sort of notebook with nice unlined paper in it so i can start letters and carry them around with me and write whenever i have something to say. i can hardly ever get myself to sit still and write a whole letter all at once. but i do not know if such notebooks exist. hrm.

let's see, how about yesterday...
best things: only 2 more days of work, watching this really creepy movie called whatever happened to baby jane? that sarah had seen (for some unfathomable reason) at a sunday school sleepover years earlier, chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.
worst things: so so so hot, you cannot even imagine, i melted ice cubes all over myself but that only helps for a minute or two. a popsicle down the front of your shirt is nice and cool, though. ;)

july 25, 2001

another pretend update? something.
i'm at work again, i really shouldn't keep stealing their internet. but they're not using it for anything good anyhow.
17 days until i leave for ecuador. watch me panic! neat! and i don't even have my visa yet, but that's only because i'm a dumbass.
maybe i'll do a better summer page when i'm home, or in the winter... it could be a while. i have pictures and things, though. illustrations. }: )

anyway. i work, i go to swat on the weekends. saw moulin rouge (yayyy!) two weekends ago, everybody's famous last weekend, and waking ned devine monday night.
it's a billion degrees here, and i'm going to dissolve. i think it's supposed to rain tonight, though. ooh. reminds me, i should call maintenance about that yawning hole in the bedroom ceiling. riiiight.
sarah and i play cards, read books, listen to music. (celebrity since monday night! :D hehehehe.)
the yale house has an adorable cat. they should be sure to check my purse before i leave, if they want to keep it. }: )
um. that's all, for now.

july 9, 2001

so, i, uh, haven't updated... for a while. and now i'm at work and shouldn't and can't. eep! stuff! can't remember it all. a couple of concerts, some employment, unwise money-spending. food, more food. laura visited, david visited, my mutti visited. the mouse! the freezer!
what else? only four more weeks here, less than that, unbelievable. this is a lazy summer, but that's the way it should be. finally should have my stuff together for ecuador. i am really a slacker. seriously. beginning to be a problem.
and don't even get me started on that halfway through swat thing. oh god.

may 30, 2001

So I think my format has to change a little for the summer. More journal-y, since it would be a huge pain to do best and worst for weeks on end.
But still. Here I am. Best: getting to Philadelphia more or less according to plan, unpacking, making eggs and toast and avocados and carrots for dinner. Tea. Music. A movie.
Worst: my first flight was cancelled. Gum. Hauling my heavy heavy heavy luggage 8 blocks or so to my apartment.

That will do, for now. Must go run some errands now, while I'm on campus. I will see some of you... soon!