the week that was lost
but has been found.

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moving my old room into my new room

taking silly pictures of myself in the mirror

chinese food

going to the art museum with sarah and her mother

taking apart my old camera with pliers and brute force

beginning a collage involving all the interesting camera guts and other weirdness

newport aquarium with sarah, mutti, alan, stephanie and ray (so neat! i have taken pictures, and will scan them when i get the chance.)

cfg meeting at michaele and roger's house (poor sarah, subjected to so many of my mother's friends in one day.)

jesse and sarah spending the night for new year's

vague attempts at healthfulness (i wouldn't go so far as to call it a resolution, because then i would only end up breaking it.)

the return of laura rose to the message board

watching the huntress with dad and susie (a rather silly movie on usa about a woman and her daughter who take up bounty hunting. don't ask.)

making gingerbread cookies with susie

looking through old pictures with susie


leaving the art museum early because sarah was not well :(

very last-minute new year's plans

bad bad kitty jack, who still has litterbox issues

worrying about laura rose (who departed from the message board with one last post, spelled badly because she had just taken a large quantity of assorted pills and was bleeding a lot, and couldn't type. goodbye... but she came back, and all is well. maybe well is an overstatement. but alive, at least.)

inadequate of words (funny when part of a badly written sonnet; scary when true.)

something i learned: it is unwise to assume, when you find a small blob of something brown in the sink, that it is another bit of gingerbread cookie dough just like all the other bits of cookie dough that you have been finding around the kitchen and nibbling on. it is even more unwise to, on this assumption, pop the bit of brown stuff into your mouth. it could turn out to be something else, including, but not limited to, a blob of canned cat food. this would cause you to spit it out in the sink, try and scrape it off your tongue, rinse your mouth out, excuse yourself and run upstairs to the bathroom where you would brush your teeth and tongue and just about anything else brushable. just a warning. let us never speak of this again.