december 27, 2000

best thing
a visit from dad's friend stu (he'll see me again in another 15 years)
uncle steve and mom moving my bed into the sewing room (means it can be done in spring of 2002 when i want to take my bed to school.)
apartment kitchens
finding uncle steve! or rather, him finding us. sambuca and espresso all round, all is right with the world.

worst thing
losing uncle steve... he was following us to the apartment, and then he wasn't anymore. very worrisome.


december 26, 2000

best thing
dillon gift exchange
cookie's fortune
margaret atwood

worst thing
too much food! (have i mentioned that...?)


december 25, 2000

best thing
christmas at fairfield house

(grandma, grandpa, uncle steve, mom, me)
stockings * stollen * chocolate * kumquats * clementines
a traveler's water filter for when i go to ecuador
dark red vixen nail polish
toy from uncle steve: pc camera!! ooh!

christmas dinner #1
(grandma, grandpa, uncle steve, mom, alan, me)
artichokes * good bread * roasted vegetables * yummy fruit sauce * kissel * shiraz

christmas dinner #2
(many tunnings, also lopinas, fishers, a frease, and some dillons)
chaos! many many cousins... kimberly drew me pictures
happy vegetarian mushroom things made by aunt cathy :)
chocolate everything
sweet potato chips
aunt cathy's cruise scrapbook

shiny new camera from dad and susie :)

worst thing
stuff, noise, holiday spirit! run away....
too much food, as always
my very messy room (what i could see from the floor: 1 pair of sheep slippers with a box of cheese in one of them, assorted art supplies, 1 backpack, many clothes, 1 cooked artichoke + tupperware container of sauce, paper, books, photos, 1 pair purple shoes with a jar of honey in one of them...)


december 24, 2000

best thing
lighting and ornamenting the tree
to jungle jim's with mutti and uncle steve, where i bought many things i did not need. excellent.
midnight service at church (well, 10:30, anyhow. candles are so good.)

worst thing
brrrrrrrrr * cold and me underdressed
scary christmas crowds


december 23, 2000

best thing
the original pancake house for breakfast with bob and vicki (mmm fattening yummy...)
sparkly gifts (shirt and nail polish!)
assembling furniture with mom and alan (you can put together a set of chairs speaking only in french, german, spanish, gibberish and sign language)
back to the fairfield house, where we baked an apple thing
uncle steve! who drove all the way from new jersey.
going running, in the coldcoldcold and crunchy snow
putting up the tree

worst thing
too much caffeine (i say it doesn't affect me, but 1 cup of tea and 2 cups of coffee with no food... i was shaking by the time my dutch baby got there at the restaurant. eep.)
promptly losing the sparkly nail polish (i think it's in the back of bob and vicki's car)


december 22, 2000

best thing
13.5 hours of sleep in my big warm bed with brand-new maroon fuzzy flannel sheets
chinese food and final friday with mutti, chris and lynn

final friday... all the little art galleries/studios in the old factory on pendleton street
bright color and black outline paintings (one of a llama!)
sculptures of stained glass and keys and surgical instruments
wire people with black tornado hearts and red tulle blood giving birth to little wire children
wire and tattered paper angels, barbed wire holding feet and hands together, still flying

off to alan and mutti's apartment (yay! i miss apartments, sort of. weird.)

worst thing
c o l d
too much fruitcake


december 21, 2000

best thing
breakfast with people
nice, timely flight despite snow and such

cats * people * cookies * tree * fruitcake * silly tv

sort-of-yoga by candlelight

worst thing
plants in the tub (this caused eileen and me some concern. perplexing... finally we moved them to the sink, so we could shower.)
airline stupidity and delays causing eileen to have to wait a day to go home :(
not going to dan's band's performance at bogart's, where i would have gotten to see him in a long pink prom dress and army boots