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18 January 2006

Nails painted sparkly black

like night-time asphalt, or maybe like goth diner seats, are what I've got.

I have decided to place the blame for my infrequent updating firmly on the firewall at work that prevents me from pine-ifying from the comfort of my delightful pentagonal desk. Damn them all! I'm allowed to IM, and god knows that wastes more time. Huff. Anyway, I desire to be bloggier, much as it pains me to admit it. Maybe I'll practice on the old LJ. I would find my day much more productive if I were at least typing some crap for posterity randomly throughout it!

It got so cold (so suddenly!) here last weekend that poor Molly almost froze through sleeping in the front room near the drafty windows. On Sunday night we had friends over after dinnering out, and we ended up all six of us squeezed onto the bed, Bucket-family-style, since it was the only way to stay even remotely warm. There we played a bastard version of Loaded Questions, and ate crackers. In bed!

Roban and Emily brought us back various things from their trip to the USVI, and one of those things was a deck of tropical drink playing cards. Yes! Just what it sounds like! A different tropical drink on every card. The box also requests that we "Please drink responsibly." Fie on that.

14 January 2006


I was going to post some photos for you, but instead I have just made my own flickr account, so you can see photos whenever you want. Trying to avoid filling my sccs space with pictures, and also trying to make them more centrally organized. Maybe I'll move all the old picture essays over to flickr, but not right now. Hoorah!

What's that about??

God, January! 2006! What the!

I was going to write some lame thing about how I would be back with stuff to say, but man, I am always saying that! And that's bullshit. So! Right now my living room is filled with Tiffany, Emily, Roban, and in-town-for-the-weekend Molly, and they're all watching the final episode of Making the Band however-many again. (Clllllass! "It was clear what you wanted! So you... pushed up on it!")

Uncle Stephen came by last weekend bearing many lovely gifts, including one of these -- a bar butler! We have named him "Lurch." Naturally. We thought we were onto something, with the lovely measured dispensing of alcohol, but a friend pointed out that this just means we can never lie to ourselves about how much we've had to drink. "I just poured in a little! No, no, that was two ounces. Wait, four ounces! Oh, dear."

Oooh, also, home improvement projects! Corner shelves painted white and installed in the corner of the kitchen next to the pass-through, a dowel rod painted white plus eye-screws and S-hooks became a utensil rack above the sink and stove. So crafty!! The drill was put to much good use, but in the process we discovered that maybe the walls of our home do not contain any studs. None! Our stud-finder has certainly been wrong every time. I'm hoping there are a couple lurking in the corner of the living room where we want to put up some serious shelving to hold heavy stuff, or else my art junk is going to live on the floor forever.

I keep poking around, looking for jobs, but I can't bring myself to apply for any of them. I'm afraid nowhere will be as nice and pleasant as my current one, but I'm also growing increasingly frustrated there, and I'm starting to get grumpy overall as a result. That will not do! So: sucking it up and looking. Yeah.