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24 December 2005

I Do Too Have A Tree


There I am standing next to my tree! Making an awesome face.

But I decided it was best not to bring that tree home, so I made a sort of facsimile. The bit in the middle on the counter is a Russian Fir scented candle from the smelly-stuff shop next door. Mm!

Here it is at night.

I also went to the mall-place and wandered a bit. Here is their weird techno-Christmas flashy star display.

And after it got dark.

Merry Merry!

21 December 2005

Some Complaints

My HUSSY of a cat caused me to wake in a panic this morning at about 2 when she knocked my beloved Swarthmore mug, a gift from our freshman year secret santa exchange, off of the counter and into many pieces. Smash! (This is the "good" cat. The "bad" cat was sleeping peacefully next to the bed at the time, and is currently sitting purrfully on my lap.) So I fed the little cretin, since that's what she was trying to wake me up for anyway (success!), and then ten minutes later she horked up her food on the NEW COUCH. Gah! I almost just booted her out into the hallway right then!

Also this morning there was a roach in the shower with me. I squashed it after I got out, but had to keep a careful eye on it as I went about my ablutionary routine. It kept washing its antennae. Yech.

20 December 2005


Transit strike: deploy!

Wow. Wow! Hm. Time now to get ready to walk to work. And everywhere else.

13 December 2005

Saint Lucia's Day!

But no coffee or cinnamon buns in the wee hours of the morning, no. We did order hot chocolate and cinnamon toast from the diner down the block at work. Perhaps that counts.

This is an excellent use of your time. Indeed.

2 December 2005

Good Effort, Team November!

But ultimately: failure. For now, a list of reminders.

- moving
Yes! We did that up right, with the assistance of several extremely generous & good-natured friends, and Tiffany driving a preposterously large van. Because the apartment broker/management company/work crew were all varying degrees of assmonkeys, we were not able to move ourselves in on the same day that we moved our belongings in, but from the comfortable distance of a month that seems like a small snag in the whole process. It is worth noting that at the time we were all seriously incensed, though. There was a high unnecessary bullshit-to-actual results ratio, and it really sucked, but now it is getting better, the end.

- apartment crap
Right, mostly better. The living room is painted yellow and the bedroom a, er, memorable pink, and only about 5 or 6 boxes still need to be unpacked. However, the toilet runs constantly (and a late-night semi-drunken check of the internet revealed that we might have to "investigate the ball cock assembly!") and the tub drains excruciatingly slowly and we need to get a couple of rugs and a new, smaller, probably drop-leaf dining room table. There is really not that much left to do, and all the stuff we have already done would be heartening were I not the sort of person who wants everything done at once right away and would also prefer to do it all herself. Need to keep that in check.

- ohio
I visited home for 9 days or so the week before Thanksgiving, which doesn't make loads of sense in retrospect, but still, good times. And that way my vacation didn't conflict with anyone else's at work. Helped mom sort through some stuff from the old house, lost 2 out of 3 games of Scrabble (and only barely scraped by to win the third), did the traditional thrifting and Original Pancake House run, also the traditional pumpkin pie-eating/handing over of me to dad & Susie at Frisch's, Susie helped me buy a nice long black winter coat, visited all the grandparentals, went with dad to my uncle's wine party and saw people who hadn't seen me in god knows how many years. And so on. Huzzah! Now people should come visit me!

- thanksgiving
Monica and Wayne came over, and we didn't cook a turkey, or have to travel, or any of the other stressful holiday stuff. Whoo! I did make: stuffing balls (which sort of collapsed into stuffing... blob?), broccoli, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, glazed brussels sprouts with chestnuts, and caramelized shallots. And a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie for dessert. Also cranberry sauce inna-can and a cheese and bread arrangement. A good time was had by all, I believe! And I was reassured that I could cook a sizeable meal in our new kitchen. Staking my claim and all that. (Also reassured that the smoke alarm functions -- not only does it beep, but a creepy female voice says "Fire. Fire. Fire." No! Just blackened stuffing! I know from fire.)

- couch
We got one! On craigslist! And Roban helped us carry it three blocks south on 8th Avenue. And we looked kind of ridiculous, and almost battering-rammed some people down, and had to stop and rest several times, but we got it home eventually, and it's very nice. Then my arms were wicked sore the next day. The end!