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27 September 2005

Watch... This... Space...

There will be a belated birthday entry with pictures any day now. I swears it!

9 September 2005

What I Did on my Inadvertent Vacation, by Katie

Dear Internet Diary!

I learned something very important on my inadvertent vacation. You would have thought I might have learned it back in April, when I ignored that throat infection until it spread into my eyes and pinkified them, but no. My skull, she is thick. Anyway, the same principle can be applied to an ignored UTI, except it goes to more exciting places than eyes. Like kidneys! Apparently, kidneys are, um, pretty key. Filtering blood and stuff. Tend to spread everything around quite quickly, which results in "hey, I'm feeling much better! Holy SHIT fever of 104, pain, paaain!"

The moral of the story is go to the doctor when your girlfriend tells you to, not after spending the long holiday weekend lying glassy-eyed in bed. Also, Antibiotics: fixy, not tricksy!