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31 August 2005

Oh Look I TOTALLY Updated Again in August


Yesterday when we went to the grocery store to get lunch (which we do by 10:30 a.m. most workdays when work doesn't feed us -- it's hungry in admin!) they had Venus flytraps for sale in the plant section, and we could not resist buying one. We promise to love him and feed him and keep him humid and warm! We shall call him Snappy and he shall be ours and he shall be our Snappy! Right now he's waiting on my desk beneath the plastic dome-top from a package of CD-Rs. Ideally we'll get a bigger glass dome for him soon, to let more air circulate while still not subjecting him to the A/C. And maybe catch a fly and feed him.

16 August 2005

Optimism and Temperature: Inversely Proportional

Today for the first time in weeks, or ages, it's stayed pretty much below 80 degrees all day. A little cloudy and ominous with rain, but still comparatively lovely. And on my walk home from the subway after work, I was strangely buoyant. My mind was zooming along: job opportunities, new apartment, sweaters & skirts & tights, new books, could get a puppy, decorate the new place, accomplish, accomplish! Like every other year at the slightest hint of fall, really -- the primal back-to-school switch in my brain is triggered, and I'm unstoppable! Even though there's no school to go back to, and it's supposed to creep up close to 90 again tomorrow, and my sweaters are still crammed in the corner of the closet, where they've been for months, waiting for a trip to the dry cleaners. I know, I know. But I turned off the air conditioner and opened the window, and painted my nails a dark, unsummery shade, and I am pretending for a little while. Fall's coming, slowly, along with every possible everything.

4 August 2005

Wait for it...

Dad and Susie came for a weekend visit, and we had a time!