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15 July 2005

A Litany of Complaints

I dated yesterday's entry with today's date!

I can't find either of my Scrabble dictionaries!

My Scrabble set is missing an R!

I ruined 2+ (final ruin-toll pending) shirts with bleach!

The electric bill is alarmingly high this month!

Everything is thick with cat hair!

14 July 2005

Entertain You!

Check it out: WEBoggle!
I cannot be held responsible for any loss of productivity that may immediately occur.

Stuff to see!

10 July 2005

Katie: Still on Face of Earth

It's true! Contrary to what you may have heard, or understandably assumed!

It's just a month of visiting and visitors, this July is. In three weeks Dad & Susie are coming to visit for the first time, and I am excited indeed. I keep bugging them to tell me what they want to do... I suppose I should just put on the hostess hat and decide for them.

Today I tried to go shopping for someone else and ended up with a pair of jeans (for me) and a letter-K Scrabble charm for my necklace. This could be considered a failure.

To bed now, so I will be a good worker bee in the morning.

7 July 2005

New Month!

And yet, content? No, no.