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30 June 2005

Splainin' to do...

It's all work's fault. The new sonicwall access bullshit they've instituted won't let me sssssshhhhh up any sccs connection, and so I am left stranded on the internet, bobbing along, unable to update, um, between tasks! or on my lunch hour!

Shit, and I have to leave in 15 minutes and I'm not wearing pants! Onward and upward, more updating later!

19 June 2005

Seven Million Years Later...

Some pictures of how I went shopping for shoes, and shopping for food, and made some stuff.

16 June 2005

Danger: Coffee in Progress

I am drinking a cup right now. This "I gave up coffee" thing is a raging success, no? I did, though, really. It just seems that the rare days when I drink coffee are the same rare days when I write stuff on the internet.

Saturday: Beer garden in Queens with a bunch of people, including Fabienne from Swarthmore who just moved to the city and is working literally next door to me, in an odd coincidence.
Sunday: over to Roban and Emily's in the evening for dinner and ice cream and board games and the first part of I <3 Huckabees, until we deemed it unwatchable.
Monday: Altar Boyz! Put! It! In! Me!
Tuesday: marathon (haha NOT "marathong!" Although I was not wearing pants.) bathroom cleaning.
Wednesday: Roban and Emily over to our house for dinner and ice cream and watching some stuff and making Emily's new dress fit.

There, now you are up-to-date. Since the sewing machine's out on the table again, I have good & upright intentions for tonight regarding the dress I started making... what? a year ago?... and then stuffed in a bag in the closet. Plus a couple of other garments that I began altering back when it seemed like a good idea, and then abandoned similarly.

Follow-through, Tunning! Come on!!!

Or maybe I'll just play Animal Crossing. Or both!

10 June 2005

How We Almost Got a Dog

But didn't, never fear!

Actually, that's pretty much the whole tale. Someone at work had a friend of a friend of a friend (possibly of a friend) who had found a female Weimeraner abandoned on the side of the road next to a box of her puppies. Ten of them! Wee! Probably mixed with black Lab. She sent pictures of all ten rowed up and eating out of little dishes in her basement where she was keeping them. Tiffany and I exchanged a flurry of emails ("Puppies!" "Puppies??" "Puppies for us?" "Puppies for US!" "PUPPIES!") and I finally decided to email the puppy-lady, who said they had all been taken already. Oh. Never mind. The end.

Between the puppy incident, drinking an iced coffee for the first time in ages, and spilling tea all over my desk (again!), I was very excitable indeed yesterday.

5 June 2005

Hot Hot Hot Bullshit Hot Hot Hot

Summer: bam!

[ Wait, time to interrupt my post to inform you that Dan Fogler just won a Tony! Oh it's so adorable! He's the boy from the Spelling Bee musical who spells with his foot! And is adorable. And he has surprise-surprise-won! What a delight! OH his speech is so CUTE TOO! ]

Where was I? Right. It is hot, and that is bullshit. Fortunately we spent yesterday and overnight in New Jersey, helping Emily dog-sit for her barrelly black dog Zach (Zack?), which mostly meant helping her feed him treats and bits of cookies and other forbidden foods. He thanked us with silent emissions of noxious gas, and unbounded cuteness.

[ Oh my god, there is the most insane dance number from La Cage Aux Folles going on right now on my television... these men in fancy dresses and scary spiked heels are doing the most improbable acrobatics, and not falling down, and it is boggling my mind... ]

So: New Jersey, the mall, the other mall, getting lost, getting unlost and finding the Mongolian grill place where you buffet-line select ingredients and noodles and sauces and then they sizzle it up on a big, flat, round grill for you. MMM.

However, leaving New Jersey this afternoon also meant abandoning the glorious central air conditioning of suburbia for the oppressive heat of Manhattan. GROSS. It did not help that a giant parade was occupying all of Fifth Avenue and backing traffic up all over the place, so we waited forty minutes for a bus that never came, spent seven dollars on a cab that took us nowhere, and ultimately had to walk way across the park in the hot and run across the street in between parading people to get home. But we did! The end!

And now it's cooling down ever so slightly, the cats are laying like puddles on the floor, and Tiffany is watching the Tonys. Not so bad at all.

1 June 2005

Egad! I made these color schemes up long ago, in the dead of winter, when I could hardly imagine summer ever arriving, much less my summer site-colors burning themselves into my retinas in brilliant blue and orange! Oh well, I'll deal.

Right now I am avoiding a doctor's appointment I'd forgotten about anyway, and don't think I need, and rather than being a grown-up and calling to cancel, I thought I'd just ignore the phone until she leaves me alone. The doctor scares me anyhow, and I'm all healthy. I don't think I need to come in again when all she said was "all your bloodwork is fine, except for this one indicator, which came back, uh, indeterminate, but the test for it gives false positives all the time, so... you should come back in a month and pay another co-pay!" Wait, she didn't actually say that. Out loud. Anyway: no! I am at work, and I am staying here, and eventually I am eating Pita Hut for lunch and playing more Kingdom of Loathing. Yes.

I suspect I will not be able to hold off the purging and cleaning and packing for much longer, even though we aren't moving until October. I need a task, and a task is looming! So I will probably get carried away. I just get so antsy if I don't accomplish something every day... work is the stuff I have to sit through to get home and do something worthwhile, and then if I don't do something when I am at home... it's like the day doesn't count! A waste! Useless! I am trying to avoid that. Maybe I should just calm down.