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19 May 2005

I Made Stuff

Here are some pictures. (I did not make the cats! Just the jewelry!)

I need a haircut. I need to avoid seeing Revenge of the Sith. I need a new job. I need a nap.

I'm really looking forward to moving in the fall. Possibilities! Opportunities! Decoration! Purging of stuff! Cleanliness! EEEEE!

11 May 2005

I Am So Delinquent

And for no good reason! Except perhaps the subject of my previous post.

Now, to itemize:

Veronica Mars season finale - acceptable, a bit over-full, but still: good job, tv! And you know how rarely I say that! Watch it! What a good season.

Max - last Saturday at the super-nice apartment again. We ate dinner at the dining room table, and had a dinner conversation.
When I used to baby-sit him regularly two years ago, our meal conversations went: "The noodles are hot, Max, wait a minute to eat them." "NOONOOS are HOT!" "Yes, they just came out of the microwave." "NOONOOS are HOT!" "They're probably ok now, though. Just warm. Try them." "NOONOOS are HOT!"
This time we traded stories about pets, and Mother's Day plans, and allergies. We conversed! Took turns speaking, following a logical chain of topics! It was really sweet and kind of astonishing.

Weather - keep it up.

Work - eh. Eh.

Roasted portobello mushrooms with ricey pilafy stuff dumped over them for dinner last night - MMMM.

Roasted portobello mushrooms sliced and marinated in lemon and dill for dinner on Sunday at Roban and Emily's - extra-super-double-MMMM.

Half-assed updating - still delinquent!

4 May 2005


In the interest of keeping our relationship honest, I will tell you that I am currently a Level 4 Pastamancer: Starch Savant.

3 May 2005

Weather: Approved!

We've made it to the first week of May and it's supposed to keep up this low-60s, sunny, breezy business for the next several days, at least. A-ok!

It smells now at my desk like someone is barbecuing something drenched in lighter fluid, and maybe paint, and maybe gasoline. Welcome to my work environment! Be sure to pick up a surgical mask on your way in. Or a gas mask, I suppose. Man.

Last weekend was mega-sleepover weekend with Emily: cooked some dinner, watched a lot of Doogie Howser, M.D. on DVD, took online quizzes, ate Mallomars, went shopping. I got a five-dollar shirt!

I am running low on anecdotal anything today. I can't seem to find a middle ground... it's either tell you how I can't decide what to do with my hair and how I want to buy new eyeliner and see if I can use it on my wacko eyes, or tell you how I am reading boring (exciting) poetry criticism & theory on the subway and how I can't bring myself to attach very much importance to (belief in / bother with) the signified and so don't find the failure of language to be a concern or obstacle or stopping-point, but rather the start of everything that can be done. Kind of.

So it's one thing, or something else, I guess.