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24 April 2005

Sunday Sunday Stuff

I have just returned from an outing with Max in the Central Park Zoo & surroundings... saw Roy and Silo, the gay penguins with their daughter Tango, since we saw all the penguins, but hell if I know which ones they were... Max was very enthused about it, though. We named them all Roy, Silo, and Tango, just to cover all the bases! Good, good. He sped through the zoo, asking to see "an animal we never saw before!" Well, here are some animals we haven't seen yet today? That is the best I can do. Then he ate an ice cream Spongebob and passed out in his stroller. Success!

Now I have walked a long & pleasant walk home, stopped for groceries and the paper. Time for the Times now, while the cats sit on the sunny windowsills. I should really clean, the catboxes need emptying, the floor sweeping, the dishes washing, the laundry laundering. The cats are fighting over a toy mousie that's gone under the couch, and they keep emerging with new layers of fur, dust, fuzz, feathers stuck to them. Hmp. Maybe sweeping, after I read the paper and drink the tea. Mmmsunday.

21 April 2005


I was indeed correct in my self-diagnosis of Gross Infectious Throat Thing Becoming Upwardly Mobile and Attacking Eyes. So, that sucks. But now the white and red throat-spots and the red and white inflamed eyes have all nearly dissipated, and I feel a zillion times three times many times better. Sometimes one must go to the doctor, I guess. One just prefers to resist. This one, anyway. The doctor was quite strange, actually, and upon peering into my eyes with her little light exclaimed "Jesus Christ, those are RED!" Yes. Thank you. Then she looked in my throat and said "Ew, you have little lacerations back there. I don't like those." and proceeded to jab at them with the tongue depressor without warning and ask "So, does that hurt?" Gak GAK! Then she sent me somewhat unnecessarily to an ophthalmologist.

I have not much interesting to say because I have just been lounging about in my cloud of contagion. Tons of work at work, especially after taking Monday off for Dr.'s visits. Monica's coming back tomorrow, so it will all be ok soon. I'm very bad at putting my eyedrops in, and if I try to do it without sidling very close to a mirror, I just drip stuff randomly on my face. Talented. I keep cutting my own bangs at odd moments. I'm not sure I even had bangs before I started, actually, which is maybe a bad sign. It was cruelly and unseasonably warm yesterday. I wore flip-flops. It just took me about six tries to type "cruelly" correctly. Time to go.

17 April 2005

Ok, Dude, Enough.

So I am still coughing and sore-throating and now I think my right eye is pink-eye-ified. This is just bullshit. I may actually go to the doctor tomorrow. I really absolutely must go to work this week, but if I have conjunctivitis...? That's way too contagious. AW HELL!!! This sucks. I asked Tiffany to hit me in the head with a stick, but she won't. Yet.

13 April 2005


I got better. Tiffany got sick. Tiffany's mom came to visit. Tiffany got kind of better. I got sick again. Have to go to work because my boss is leaving for a week tomorrow. Went home half an hour early last night, at 4:30, and didn't get home until 6 (usually leave at 5 and arrive home 5:30)... trains all messed up in the morning, too, so I was late for work to start with. Hope they're better today. Hope no more fever. Bleh, bleh, bleh. Cranky. Ill! Throat all funny, voice all raspy. Head all whhooooaaa! Bleh!

10 April 2005


In brief: the zoo.

In long: later.

5 April 2005

The Universe, Follow-up

Oh. Remember the part where I was all "blah blah sturdy immune system brag brag blah"? That was dumb. That was just tempting fate. Especially after sitting Saturday night for a sniffly Max. Not even the sturdiest of immune systems can hold out against preschool-incubated germs. And so I am at home today, making with the fever and the sore throat and the all-around ache. Feh!

4 April 2005

The Universe, and how it keeps failing to teach me a lesson!

Finally went to the dentist this morning after more than three years since my last appointment. Also not as faithful a flosser as I claim to be at the office, but pretty good about it over the last few months. No cavities. Dr. G.: "Those teeth'll last you another hundred years! Keep on doing whatever you're doing!" OK! Keep on putting off cleanings for years, and floss sporadically? I can keep on doing that!

Kind of like high school, and then college... Universe, I think you're supposed to teach me that I have to make an effort! But you're not! Don't worry, I am not complaining.

Maybe I will have to reproduce after all and pass on my awesome tooth-genes. And my sturdy immune system. And my tendency to interpret dumb luck as a free pass from the universe! Wait. Never mind.

1 April 2005

I Hate April Fool's Day

It is my least favorite holiday/pseudo-holiday ever. No one has even done anything stupid and April-fooly to me either, I am just pre-emptively cranky about it.

This morning there was a tea-related mishap at work that left pretty much all of my clothing (also my desk and keyboard and desk-drawer contents, but fortunately not my new computer) thoroughly soaked with milked & sugared tea. I got to take a field trip to Old Navy and buy a new outfit. In my haste at the store I reverted to my default toddler-boy-style colored clothing, so now I am decked out in a bright green shirt and my bright blue shoes and red socks and light brown pants. Festive!

Speaking of toddler-boys, we took care of the Hon. Max last night at a charmingly odd (oddly charming?) apartment belonging to... someone else. I don't know. Anyway, it was a sort of loftish and cute -- two levels with a creaky staircase down from the bed/bath level to the living/kitchen area. And Max was super-mega-awesome. Also: verbal. A little kid! Not a baby or a toddler, really! Terrifying! We had good nocturnal-animal times, and good Goldilocks & the Three Bears times, and then he went to sleep. (He was Baby Bear, I was Mama Bear, Tiffany was Daddy Bear. Then he reconsidered and declared me Mommy Bear and Tiffany Mama Bear. Heh.) He was also really into the word "objects," so when he was clambering around near the bed he announced, looking dismayed: "There are several objects in my way here!" Ha! Also, true.

Plans: this weekend the house requires cleaning, and we require groceries. We get to sit for Max-o again on Saturday. I have been trying to write some stuff, but it seems I am able to write only about farm animals and their innards in unnecessary and somewhat unsavory detail.