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26 February 2005

Exploits Touristical and Arcadiary

See them here.

25 February 2005


Tonight: I go to the museum; Tiffany goes to see a show. We're good at scheduling around one another's interests, I guess. The only evidence I have of my last museum trip is a partial sketch of a possessed-looking goat's head above which is written "Crappy goat can SUCK IT until I get glasses!" Too much squinting makes a girl cranky.

Last week: houseguest-full. Means we saw more "New York" stuff than we would otherwise, and that pictures from the Empire State Building and Barcade are forthcoming.

I've become obsessed with searching for apartments online again recently, even though our lease isn't up for months. Manhattan is a rip-off. It's amazing how much less a decent apartment costs in any of the boroughs, and even those are a rip-off compared to much of the rest of the country. Shit. I remind myself that at least I know that no matter where I live after this, it'll seem wondrously cheap. Unless it's the Bay area, or... I dunno... Tokyo? London? Yeah. O, to have a yard! In which I might plant... a flower! Or a hundred! Or, um, a French bulldog. Just saying.

Does anyone want a gmail invite? Because I have -- let's see -- one hundred. Remember when people paid MONEY for those? HAHAHAHA dumb people.

16 February 2005


Internet-friend (to clarify, with whom Tiffany has been corresponding for years, plural, many) is quite nice, and brought us trinkets from his casino workplace (The Vegas Experience! [exclamation point theirs]) and the central touristy information center in Birmingham. From where he hails. And then we all ate sushi! Whoo!

I ate something called a Dancing Queen roll, which contained avocado, almonds, grapefruit, and wasabi mayonnaise. It was a zillion times better than it sounds. It sounds nasty. Instead: delicious!

Wednesday. Food day! But where are the menus?

15 February 2005

Ah, Lies, Lies!

About that "forthcoming content."

The good folks at the Cafepress Qwantz store are sending me a replacement dino shirt since the one I ordered hasn't come and it's been three weeks. How kind!

I feel compelled to comment upon the Gates, the Gates, blah blah, but I have not been through the park save once on the bus at night, and I am sure that hardly showed it to its best effect. However, I got the general impression of construction sawhorses and errant sarongs. I hope a trip in the daylight proves more appealing, but remember, I am stubborn, unromantic, and hypercritical. It won't do to forget.

Off now to await Tiffany's return with her British internet-acquaintance, who is staying with us for more than a week for his first-ever visit to the U.S., and who is probably some kind of felon. I hear that's the internet's stock-in-trade.

14 February 2005

Content Forthcoming

If you don't want to see more damn pictures of my damn cats, please refrain from clicking here.

7 February 2005

Recent Minor Accomplishments

- Applied for loan consolidation.
- Reorganized bookshelf.
- Put up hook-rack and bathroom shelf. (In wall! With the new DRILL!)
- Gym every day last week.
- Attempted to do taxes online, but apparently owe money because I was unnecessarily honest on my W-4 and so have more exemptions than I ought to. What?
- Made an apple pie ALL BY OURSELVES! Yes! Crust was nearly a disaster, but it all turned out relatively well in the end.
- Sammy the Cat came back home after a 16-day jaunt about the retirement community in the dreadful cold. I am so relieved. Grandmother reports he "nearly took [her] arm off" when she went to feed the poor skinny bit.

Some things still left to accomplish:

- Paying off credit card bill.
- Doctor's appointments of every nature.
- More house-organization.
- Uhhh, life-plan or whatever. Or maybe a haircut instead.

1 February 2005

Run-On Sentences

So it was the end of January and I did some stuff that was probably fun but damn if I know what. Let's see:

Our desks at work are near the back entrance and it was so cold that we couldn't type from all the shivering, and also horrible oil fumes often wafted through the open door, too, so then we would become dizzy and slide out of our chairs onto the floor, and eventually we started going out to eat when it got too bad. Now a large piece of cardboard is blocking some of the draft, and actually making some difference, which demonstrates how pathetic the problem was to begin with. Brrr.

Last weekend Dan came up on Friday and that was good, and we played Scrabble (and he won, but it was close), and made various desserts, and went to Mandy and Jack's housewarming party on Saturday night, and that also was good. Lo! On Saturday morning we even braved the Surly Bagel Store of Surliness to get breakfast, and it was not too bad. And we discovered that Dan got the same camera for Christmas that we have, which was funny. Speaking of cameras, there are pictures later on, if you want to skip this.

The cats are bad and cute. Pigeon seems to be losing some weight on her diet, but it looks like it's all coming from her haunches, so she still has a paunch, but now her hind legs look kind of... sunken. Or something. Now she is begging for a second early dinner, the little brat. I will not give in.

My best baby cat at home has been missing for a couple of weeks now, and they say he might not be coming back. That is a shit idea. He is only, what, twelve? And so active! And such a baby, always wanting to be carried around in your arms! Sigh.

Went to the previously mentioned Barcade again last week (on a weeknight!) and played games and patted dogs. What a good bar.

Anyway, I resolve to update this more often, blah blah blah, no promises. Maybe I will, I am resolving this week to go to the gym every day and so far it is working! Although it's only been two days. Swim, gym, swim, yoga, gym. We shall see.

Also, miscellaneous photos live here.