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24 January 2005

Snow, Part I

Snow pictures.

Keeping warm pictures.

17 January 2005


Oh brilliant Sars! As always, but this is particularly so. Even more importantly, I am not yet 25, so it is acceptable that I only do MOST of the things mentioned. Right?

I have, er, acquired the two new Bright Eyes albums (Digital Ash in a Digital Urn and I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning) and I must report that they both contain songs that sound alarmingly like music, and less like, well, Bright Eyes. As in, I find myself inadvertently shimmying, and then realize that it is a BRIGHT EYES SHIMMY and that the myriad natural disasters were clearly the indicators of the impending apocalypse, because I am SHIMMYING to Bright Eyes.

The internet told me that Gandalf the Grey was also an INTJ on the Jung typology whatsit test, and I, quite frankly, have some questions about how the internet found that out. Although I am of course honored to be in such company.

16 January 2005


8 hours? That is NOT a small number! (beware: Strongbad link!) Not when it is the number of hours spent in this bar in one night, at least.

However, it is worth noting that the 4 or 5 beers that would normally leave me uncomfortably drunk are quite manageable when spread over a period of time nearly as long as my average workday. Now, you do the math. Beer? Workday? The correct answer is: six-pack under my desk from now on, folks. Weekend, schmeekend! O brave new world!

Confidential to C., who does not read this* : sorry I ditched you on the train back to Manhattan, but when it is 5 in the morning and I have been arcade-gaming and beer-ing since before 9 p.m., the only partying I am ready for is a prolonged party in my bed. No, not that kind, the other kind, with the nice glass of water and double-digit hours of sleep.

Although I woke up at 10 this morning anyway. Fucking morning-person brain. But now I am medicating with the Sunday NY Times and coffee and lounging with the sleepful cats. I did most of the regular crossword, and tried to start the diagramless, but on the page where it usually has the clue for the starting square it just said "1-Across in this week's diagramless puzzle begins in square xxxx of the top row." What? "xxxx"??? Oh, shut it.

* Which, on further consideration, means that in addition to not being confidential, this is also not really to C. 0 for 2!

12 January 2005


Walking home from the gym last week, wearing my cropped gym pants:

K: Ah, the evening wind! It's riffling through my leg hair... it's really pleasing...

T: ... ...

T: That's a haiku.

K: ... ...

- - -

Macworld's this week: Do not eat the iPod shuffle!

- - -

Happy birthday, Sarah!

- - -

more later, perhaps...

10 January 2005

The Year, It Is New!

Although not nearly as new as it has been every single day of the past ten, when I could not get my ass in gear to update.

Meanwhile, what we are is crafty!