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24 December 2004

Holidays, Schmolidays.

A few hours yet before I leave for the airport. Last-minute shopping: I am a gift-seeking missile! A present-sniffing dog! I ZOOOOOOM! But only when absolutely forced to.

Bought some new fancyass organic hair product and conditioner. This morning washed my hair with the lime and sea salt shampoo, used the basil, parsley & burdock conditioner, dried and applied olive oil, nettles & lemongrass pomade. My head is a big salad.

Mmmmkay, time to remember to eat before I leave so I don't fall down on the plane. Or off the plane. Or off OF the plane. Happy Schmolidays!

20 December 2004

Later That Day...

AAUUUUUGH what the hell!!?

I started writing this and then got up to get my glasses from the other room and when I stood up one foot landed precariously between two heaps of cat puke, and then I turned around to start yelling at the stealth-pukers and saw ANOTHER heap of cat puke over in the corner. What is WRONG with them?? So then I had to clean it all up and then the garbage was all full of gross stuff so I went out in my pajamas in the bitter cold to take it out and then I came back and replaced the garbage bag and gave the cat hairball medicine and washed my hands and stuff and now I am here again, and I still forgot to get my glasses, the end.

Okay, now I have my glasses.

Squid is begging for more food since she did such a bang-up job with the food I already gave her, I guess.

Moving on:
The promised photographs regarding Things Hair- and Booze-Related. Enjoy!

Awwww. Pigeon, the whiniest, urpiest cat of them all, is sitting on my lap and headbutting my hands as I type now. I guess I forgive her. She's nice and warm. Ok.

I return now to knocking around the sad, Tiffany-less house. Four more days of it! And then I head to Ohio for my own whirlwind trip. After work today I trekked to various cutesy shops looking for gifts, but they were all overpriced and mostly sucked anyway. I am a little sad about that. Perhaps tomorrow I will be inspired, or stop caring. Either one, really!

20 December 2004

Part One of Two

First, a few pictures.

Check back later tonight or tomorrow for the dramatic resolution of the SERIOUS HAIR PROBLEM, as well as a cautionary tale about alcohol, knifeplay, and sleeping on the bathroom floor.

15 December 2004

Items, Quickly!

- Sunday saw Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, hilarity, face hurt from laughing, good times, you should go. And then once you have gone you should TRY to refrain from searching for your own googlewhacks, just TRY it. Ha! Impossible.

- Winter showed up, stopped kidding around, now face hurts from cold. Damn.

- Payday. At last. Sad, sad little bank account.

- Holiday cardmaking extravaganza continues!

- This weekend: a haircut, perhaps? O I dearly hope so. Have you SEEN my hair? Atrocious!

8 December 2004

Of Course

Of course when we went to see People Are Wrong! for the (second) (free) time last night we stopped at Starbuck's before going to the theater and I went to use the restroom while Tiffany ordered the coffee and when I came out I saw her at the counter standing next to a pale yellow, slightly scruffy dog and its owner, and I thought "Huh, who brought their dog to Starbuck's?" and then I came over to see about the coffee and realized that the answer to my question was "Drew Barrymore, who appears to be about fourteen in person, and also maybe an elf" and of course Tiffany is talking to Drew Barrymore about her dog while she waits for her pumpkin latte, why wouldn't she be? So I also admired the dog. And then we had coffee. The end.

7 December 2004


1. Last night as we slept Squid fulfilled one of her catly obligations by either killing a mouse or finding an already deceased mouse and having a good romp around the house with its corpse. Whichever! I am not eager to have either a live mouse or a decomposing one lurking under my furniture anywhere, so it is fine by me. I would perhaps have preferred that Squid not kick the poor wee dead thing all over the couch, but I was not consulted. She asked very politely to have it back after I'd stashed it in a baggie and thrown it away but I was not convinced. Good work, kitty! And yet, you don't get to keep it. No trophies, sorry.

2. This morning when I went downstairs at work to fill my water bottle I opened the freezer for ice cubes and discovered that some mega-genius had left four cans of seltzer and one can of Coke in there overnight. BOOM! It looked kind of like the freezer had puked on itself. That is gross, I know. So is exploded frozen soft drink spewed all over the inside of the freezer!
The person next to me observed "I guess SOMEONE never watched Mr. Wizard!"

So I guess there were only two mishaps. Lucky me!

6 December 2004

As Promised and Stuff.

Evidence of work.

Later: More!

Monday, busy, &c. But Saturday we got a new game called Apples to Apples which is totally excellent and highly recommended. Tiffany and I took it home and spent Saturday night playing through all thousand or whatever cards that came with the set. Then Sunday afternoon played the game properly with Melanie and Rocky (in town for concert) and Sunday evening played again with Emily and Roban. Adjectives! Nouns! Absurdity!

The Advent calendars tell me that Christmas is approaching, have begun freaking out accordingly. ACK presents ACK cards ACK decorations ACK obligations ACK cooking, wait, no, MMMMMM cooking. Deep breath. Right. It will be fine! I will be adequate! I will begin the cardmaking project tonight and all will be well. Hm, I will begin it right now, in fact. BYE TAKE THAT!

1 December 2004

Winter Wonder Whatever

Not like it is actually bluish-ice-themed anywhere in my reality, but oh well. I trust it will be soon. EH, WEATHER? Chilly and pine-tree-smelling and pretty lights and frost? EH? Good.

Got nothing right now. Will put up pictures I took of my unlikely work environment later.