september 22, 2000

best thing:
philosophy (prof didn't show up... people left until there were 8 of us, and then we did proofs by ourself. cool.)
package from mutti
very entertaining birthday cards from susie
genuardi's with eileen and amelia
watching singin' in the rain at abby's friday matinee
halfway party! (amelia and i and a gang of people found halfway between willets and ml, and had a party there. fabulous.)

worst thing:
very little, actually


september 21, 2000

best thing:
english dance

worst thing:
religion paper


september 20, 2000

best thing:
greek bar at lunch
hall photo
birthday cards

worst thing:
too hot
not being able to play the piano: if i could, i would be mute, too


september 19, 2000

best thing:
my non-sucky webpage ;)
scottish dance
fhs '99 webpage (omg adam t.w. is in the army, and barry's in the air force, and all these people i hadn't thought of in a while are doing things... whoa...)
un-stupiding myself (yeah, it's a verb now...)
jesse getting into six cents (yay! so entertaining.)

worst thing:
painful spanish class
too much food (ice cream, blech.)
impending scary religion paper
my own inattention and disinterest and general non-bounciness at dance
mountain dew


september 18, 2000

best thing:
laundry, finally
vegan day until sundae bar broke my will
swirly shiny green skirt
eileen's massage mat arriving

worst thing:
philosophy: i hate arguments
inability to explain myself


september 17, 2000

best thing:
making miso soup with the cute kettle
being spirited away to sugarplum's with katrina and franzi and rebecca
a vegan day
a job offer

worst thing:
lotsa lotsa yellowjackets
attempting to actually eat the miso soup, which tasted like salty liquid bread with seaweed bits
completely unproductive day


september 16, 2000

best thing:
ml breakfast
nice and cool out
buying more books (although still not all of them...)
off to goodwill with kyla and eileen
most of mulan
high fidelity

worst thing:
the suspicious recurring fishy smell in ml
how much my webpage sucks (visit rabi)


september 15, 2000

best thing:
fresh samantha soy shake
trashy television
toy story 2 (funfun! maybe i'll see the first one sometime.)
mocking the olympic opening ceremonies

worst thing:
organic yogurt
decidedly uninspiring sharples food


september 14, 2000

best thing:
cappuccino with lots of foam
finally reading religion
english dance
allan and stefan's delightful chocolate fondue and wink study break

worst thing:
wearing the cute but not at all comfortable black shoes
vegan pizza? (crust with sauce)


september 13, 2000

best thing:
scanning pictures (on the icky lab scanner, though, blech.)
reading plato outside in the sun

worst thing:
still not reading religion
silence, mine
too much food (bought unnecessary pizza from katrina, and so on.)


september 12, 2000

best thing:
breakfast (cereal and yogurt in kohlberg courtyard)
watching a movie in spanish (in english, no less...)
getting my pictures back
being made to attend folk dance (entertaining, and i was bribed with chocolate.)

worst thing:
stupid dysfunctional network
dancing in bare feet = less skin on toes


september 11, 2000

best thing:
outing to genuardi's and target with eileen and jesse and jennifer and steven (we have a purple fuzzy bath mat, and a lamp, and food!)
scour (mmmmm mp3s...)

worst thing:
massive orange scone from kohlberg (yummy, but too much. should've just gotten chai.)
napster (slooooow... then transfer error... rar.)


september 10, 2000

best thing:
non-participatory wink
finally finishing my roll of film (there are pictures on there from the cruise... ack.)
jennifer + chocolate + eileen and hollis and me :)
downloading mp3s for an hour or so instead of going to bed

worst thing:
continued hot, without my approval
long scary lines at sharples


september 9, 2000

best thing:
sleeping in
an expedition to goodwill with eileen, jesse, amelia, branen and david (shoes, shirt, lots of stuff... but no couch.)
fun with yellowjacket at dinner, just because we're cruel people
dance performance (phrenic ballet? hm...)
seeing the usual suspects

worst thing:
hot, again... no more... ick...
half-sleeping through the middle section of the movie. i'll need to see that one again.


september 8, 2000

best thing:
a fourth class
buying books and a shirt i don't need
crosswords and conversation in kohlberg (very alliterative)
6 cents show with free smoothies (i'm climbing a rock... only it's made of jell-o... flavored like ketchup... i'm with shakespeare... and there are weasels on my feet!)
sugarplum's with jesse and eileen and branen and dan
the iron chef
random games, other hall nonsense

worst thing:
lots and lots of yellowjackets
angst, oh wait, i don't believe in angst. er...


september 7, 2000

best thing:
afternoon nap
long dinner out on the grass

worst thing:
sleepy spanish class
no camera when everyone was being cute


september 6, 2000

best thing:
an attempt at a fourth class (religion)
lunch outside in the sunshine :)
wandering/reading/getting lost in the crum (sitting on a big fallen tree over the creek to read, lots of chipmunks and neat spiderwebs)
reading and a mocha coffee thing in kohlberg (beverage helpfully selected by ellie, so i don't have to make any decisions)
scavenging in ml with jesse and eileen = meeting freshmen and getting food
cookie dough, hall life, quotes

worst thing:
lunch crowds at sharples
bug bites in the crum


september 5, 2000

best thing:
classes (this attitude will wear off quickly, no worries)
buying books
talking to my advisor (advice = don't worry about the pdc, take whatever you want)
chai and reading in kohlberg in a patch of sun
dinner with a large contingent of ml freshpersons (frosh, freshlings, whatever)
an amusing hour with eileen, david and richard

worst thing:
having to yell at my mother (but it's all okay now)
looking for a sentence
staying up too late, or maybe i just haven't gotten used to it yet


september 4, 2000

best thing:
buying a couple of books, makes me feel vaguely prepared
air-conditioned buildings
laundering (necessary already... blech...)
a temporary hello kitty tattoo
sundae bar
roof conversation
the friendly ml poltergeist (opens and closes our door, send sheets of paper flying across hollis and jesse's room)
first hall meeting
random hallness: poking, picking people up, other amusements

worst thing:
confirming my scheduling idiocy (oh, i AM that stupid... damn.)
the 'swarthmore isn't worth your money and you aren't here for any good reason' talk in philosophy
finding a shirt that i like in the bookstore, for $40 (i always pick the expensive ones...)
eileen's broken lamp courtesy of the guy who came to fix the ethernet
the consistency of the frozen yogurt in sharples... just wrong...
an impressive nosebleed, moreso than usual. used to have more like that. blech.


september 3, 2000

best thing:
the ethernet arbitrarily choosing to function
my 97x broadcast over the internet... joy... *happy sigh*
walking back to ml from sharples in a marvelous downpour with eileen and dan
superfast ethernet = downloading *NSYNC clips :)
looking at all my cartoons clipped from the new yorker

worst thing:
hot. so hot. ridiculous.
scheduling idiocy--unusually idiotic, even for me
no money = no books
disinterested detached wandering most of the day
webpage refusing to exist, so no one's even reading this...