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- 28 September 2004 -

The danger of writing things down while intoxicated is that later on you find and read them:

what is undiscovered? I do not wish to be taken seriously
but I do wish to be serious and occasssonally
[sic] to be taken ---

disclose, disclose!

THANK YOU DRUNK-O KATIE for that apparently vital message. Now, shut up.

- 25 September 2004 -

Hallo! I am making with the drinky-drinky and picture-uploady! Why am I more competent with this code-crap when I am slightly tipsy? Something is amiss. I have noticed finally that this looks like crap on IE and probably elsewhere, too. I may fix that eventually. In the meantime, go download Safari, punks.

Look, kitties!

Less hair, more glasses, approximately as much narcissism as ever.

Um, vegetables?

We love the camera! The camera goes zoom! Three cheers for the camera, et cetera, back to my beer now, later.

- 24 September 2004 -

Monica gave us a game for the ol' Gamecube called Harvest Moon: It's A Wonderful Life. It's one of those Sims-like deals where you just do normal things, but this one is based on farming (and eventually getting married and having a family and so on). So now when someone's playing Gamecube, instead of hearing "Shit! I can't kill this thing and it keeps breathing flames at me!" you just hear "Dammit! Why can't I wash the cow??" It's a good time.

- 23 September 2004 -


ok that's done with.

I was away last week: two nights at mom's apartment, two nights at grandparents' house, three nights at dad's house, then back. Whirlwind and so on. Somehow doubled my clothing while I was there so it was fortunate I'd packed lightly in the first place. We ate out at, like, a zillion restaurants. Pumpkin pie! It is truly fall. Except for the 80 degree part. The cats all seem giant because they are normal-sized and I have grown accustomed to our inexplicably wee cats here. The end.

Top Model started yesterday! Fondue! Bitch poured BEER on her WEAVE! O, excitement.

- 10 September 2004 -

Can I tell you how I am stupid? Can I tell you how in an effort to be law-abiding and good I changed my voter registration from Ohio to New York since I no longer had a valid excuse to vote by absentee ballot? Even though obviously no one would bother investigating if I had stayed registered in Ohio? Can I tell you how I swear I am moving to Canada or Iceland or a small cave if John Fucking (oh wait, is it Forbes?) Kerry is not president come January? Oh, DAMN.
Tiffany changed her registration from Florida to New York, too, but she had to in order to get her new license, so that is different. Man. OMG guys! the electoral college SUX!!1!!1!@!!

Another Trip to Strand
or, When there was only one set of footprints, it was then that my Mastercard carried me

Before Recollection - Ann Lauterbach
Selected Poems - Czeslaw Milosz
Sweeney Astray - Seamus Heaney's translation of Buile Suibhne
Selected Poems(?) - Robert Lowell

Read, read, read. Read. Write? No, read.

- 8 September 2004 -

Good lord, I have to type something here so that yesterday's What I Did Today in Kindergarten post isn't the first on the page. Make me stop!

Today is Monica's birthday. So far, Frances has given her torrential rain, and the MTA has given her NO TRAINS ANYWHERE. She generously shared these presents with us all! My no-train gift became even more lovely as I left the F train station to go look for a different train and passed what appeared to be a large, reeking quantity of human crap on the staircase out. Thank you, no. I am assuming that is what it is because I like to think even the most delinquent dog owner would clean up dog-waste from the freaking subway stairs. Whereas a person crazy enough to crap on the steps would most likely not. Moving on now. Sorry.

Last night for Tiffany's birthday we went (also Greg) to see Wicked, which she has seen before, but we had not. I did enjoy it once I stopped being so over-thinky.
During intermission:

Tiffany: "Can I just say it is incredibly stressful to watch this sitting next to you two?"
Greg: "Yeah, during the really quiet parts, you can actually HEAR the judgment."

The truth is that I am always suckered the exact way one is supposed to be suckered by the spectacle, and so I become belligerent, and spend the entire time practicing deliberate skepticism. Once I get over thinking about what I am meant to feel and how transparently they are trying to make me feel it and how other simpler forms of performance/literature/art are inevitably far more immediately and effectively emotionally engaging for me and BLAH BLAH THINKITY BLAH I like most spectacle just fine, thank you. Calm the brain. Calm it.

Then I went home and had a whiny tantrum 'sode about the house smelling of catbox and being dusty and the tomatoes we just bought Saturday being unsalvageably covered in gray fuzz. I apologize.

- 7 September 2004 -

This week is the first of four consecutive weeks during which I never work a full five-day work-week. Yesss!

So, weekend:
Saturday night I went to Coney Island with Roban and Emily, since I had shamefully never been there even once. We rode the enormous ferris wheel and looked out at all the seedy sparkle of the park, and then we ate all the fried foods known to man, and then we went home.
Sunday I got my hair cut in more or less the same way it had been cut before except less poofy and more short, which is good. I meant to think of something new but I panicked. Later on there was real Scrabble and then fake Scrabble (Screwble?) with a bunch of Swatpeople with whom I would not normally hang out but who all turned out to be good company. It was chilly. We borrowed sweatshirts and swathed ourselves in towels.
Monday! Tiffany's honorary birthday celebration: bowling with people at Port Authority, Indonesian food, cupcakes and vodka. I made a miraculous comeback during the second game and won with a score of 135 (possibly the highest score of the night? oh, sad.) after getting three strikes in a row. Apparently, this is a "turkey." Who knew. Also, turkey, what?

Looking forward to: new season of Everwood, trip home to Ohio, new season of America's Next Top Model, birthday.

Secret: bought Tiffany a digital camera for her birthday (which is actually today. Right now!!) so now there will be photographage more regularly.

- 3 September 2004 -


See how it is three days in a row now? We are working up to substance, bear with us. Later on we will also work on functionality and design, but please not to hold your breath.

I have a secret! I will tell you about it next week!

The glasses-vertigo has mostly dissipated, so I did not fall off the curb once on my way to the subway this morning. However, I am still reveling in the fun of vision, so I tend to slide the glasses down and up my nose as I walk: "seeing... NO seeing! seeing... NO seeing! SEEING again!" I imagine this will rapidly grow less exciting.

I am just like everyone else: here is a link to the relationship quiz posted all over the place. Apparently, I am a Rock of Gibraltar: Reserved Practical Intellectual Giver. This should work out well, given that Tiffany is a Reserved Practical Intellectual Taker.

- 2 September 2004 -

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have...


Whoa. Cool. There's all this stuff around... for... looking at? And now I can look at it. It boggles the mind.
Also, something is funny with my balance and peripheral (sub-ipheral?) vision and the ground surprises me when I walk and I feel like my legs are very short, or perhaps like my torso is just missing. I feel short. And stumble. Let's hope this improves.

- 1 September 2004 -

Greeties from Manhattan, where I live, where I work, where absolutely everything is going just as splendidly and smoothly as ever, no, wait, I must be thinking of somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Moving on.


Last week I went to the optometrist again, a different optometrist, one who (like the last one) initially did not believe that I could not see but who was brought around to my way of seeing things (poorly!) after the eye exam. I should be able to pick up my glasses by the end of the week, when I will commence looking a little more like a generic jackass librarian hipster than I am really comfortable with. I will also commence being able to see which train I am boarding before I actually board it. Three cheers for technology! Very old technology!

Air America is broadcasting just down the street this week and I keep meaning to go down and harass them (in the supportive way!), but I have not yet done so. They say Chuck D will sign my body! Why would I want Chuck D to sign my body! I do not know.