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- 25 August 2004 -

Anyone out there want a gmail address? Because I have six to give away, and I am but one person, and not the kind of person who needs six gmail addresses.

- 23 August 2004 -

In a month I will be 23. Ancient! Also very young! Also right in the middle. It's my whatever that birthday is called, the one where you turn your age on the matching date. Yeah. That one.

Friday we baby-sat Max, who somehow acquired mad verbal and motor skills. What happened to "app!" and "ba-oon" and "Matsss!"? What is this "let's climb to New Jersey at the top of the flagpole and there's a tank of lemonade!"?? And this "I am an acrobat in the shower my name is Acker not Acrobat I am picking berries from the shower they are cantaloupe berries I am an acrobat and I throw berries at you!"




Me: I made a wolf noise.

Max: I can't make a wolf noise.

Me: I bet you could learn how to make a wolf noise, though.

Max: (sadly) No. I can't learn how.


My learning curve has once again been proven pretty much nonexistent, as I have allowed two separate pairs of new shoes to chew the hell out of my feet twice in the space of a couple weeks. I bought a product called Second Skin to repair them. Creepy, but effective. Now I can go back to battling the shoes. I will conquer! I cannot let the brilliant orange sneakers go!

This has been the best and beautifullest August ever in the world ever. Yesterday felt like fall already and we opened the window and let the cats make fools of themselves sitting on the sill and sniffing uncontrollably at air that actually smells like stuff. Mmmmm! Dirty pigeon scent! Fascinating.

- 18 August 2004 -

Got some stuff from Alton Brown yesterday. My hero!

Swam a mile yesterday, too. After I opened a door at the gym on my foot and my toe bled and bled and I became cranky and stubborn and once my toe stopped bleeding I swam a mile because by God I was up early and at the gym and I was going to swim one way or another. (They yell at you if you wear band-aids in the pool.)

I just deleted the last of all the mail I ever had in sccs because it was taking up 5 gigs of space and not letting me look at it. Something to do with my filters? That doesn't make sense? It's gone, all gone. Send me more mail so I can collect more proof that I actually have friends! I'll need it later. There'll be some kind of test.

P.S. I hereby solemnly swear and so on to update this shit daily or near-daily, but I am probably lying to myself about that.

- 6 August 2004 -

GIANT MICROBES! I have the flesh-eating disease on my desk. Cutesy bitsy witsy fuzzy streptococcus pyogenes!

Yesterday through the window near my desk at work: a man gave another man a big wad of cash, the second man gave the first man something in exchange and then left, the first man sat down right next to the window and smoked something in a transparent sort of pipe.
DUDE. Find somewhere other than right outside an office on a Thursday afternoon to purchase and enjoy your crack, sir. We were busy faxing stuff approximately two feet away from you and you never even turned your head. Man.

I am updating in part because I feel guilty that I rarely do while I obsessively check other people's sites. Not guilty, really, because I don't have much capacity for guilt (do not be alarmed! although it is true!), but... I don't know... inequitable. If I am going to obsess from afar about other people, I should make myself available for reciprocal obsession. That's all. I also realized that part of the reason the internet is awesome is that it allows me to take to a new level my usual tendency of being deeply concerned about people but never communicating with them, checking up constantly to see if people are okay but never telling them that I hope they're okay although it is deep and consuming hope. Here's to you, enabling internet!