- - - - - -

18 September 2002
Public service announcement? Something like that. I had been planning on updating my webpage until I graduated, which seemed like a reasonable time to move on and be less strangely public about the small slightly relevant details of, you know, everything. But it turns out that now is as good a time as any -- I only update because I feel bad when I don't. Also the whole online journal is beginning to strike me as very strange. So... yes. I think this is about all. All the old things are still here, if you want to see them. Later? Somewhere else?

12 September 2002

- best -
Dinner and Powerpuff Girls. (Oh! The scariest episode! There were mutant Powerpuff Girls, a whole army of them, it was really quite disturbing.)
Seeing Jason's apartment / helping him move the last of his stuff in.

- worst -
Possibilities. Because, you know, I need more options. Eek.

11 September 2002

- best -
The cat is criminally cute.
Wearing my ridiculous maroon and orange dotted shirt with the slightly puffy sleeves. Hee. (Now I need something else to wear under it, er.)
Painting nails.
Making fried rice for dinner.

- worst -
Sneezy and allergic.
Wanting to buy things. Shoes, mostly.

10 September 2002

- best -
Dressing like a really dorky six-year-old.
Relatively painless seminar. (I talked voluntarily multiple times and not once did my heart try to eat its way out of my ribcage. I appreciate that.)
Oh, look! It's my weekend!
Visit from Amelia.

- worst -
Hm. I did not write anything down. There's always something. I had to go to work, that's not fun. And while talking in seminar wasn't as traumatic as usual, I still didn't like it.

9 September 2002

- best -
The small friendly dog running around the third floor of Trotter.
Workshop outside.
A visit from Audrey (with funny Pucca stuff.)
Earthlust meeting, I think.
Dividing up the nail polish and makeup fairly painlessly. (Also, I think I came out ahead.)
Living in a house with cats and people and my strange schedule. (Tiffany and I were hungry, so we ate at 2. And I sat up doing my reading.)

- worst -
Stupid shoes that I like but that are too big, and made me fall down the stairs.
Having to stay up late and read.
The necessity of dividing things up at all.

8 September 2002

- best -
Quick coalition house cleaning -- I think this will work better than the previous system. Next time I think we should tackle the kitchen floor, but maybe that's a bit ambitious.
Buying makeup.

- worst -
No church.

7 September 2002

- best -
Baking baking baking! (Chocolate chip cookies, lace cookies (which Jeremy said looked like scabs but were very good anyway), brownies, chocolate cake.)
Giving myself dumb twisty hair.
People over (strange assortment).

- worst -
Possibly I should have been doing other things, but baking made me happier than anything has in awhile. When did I get so domestic? Ack.
I get sad. Actually, that's not precisely right, but I get something. Tired and lacking impulse control, maybe.

6 September 2002

- best -
Amelia over for french toast and Lilo & Stitch and nail polish and magazines.
Watching an old episode of Conan O'Brien featuring both Alan Cumming and Belle & Sebastian. Eee!
Very Early Morning Baking -- Tiffany and I made blue frosted sugar cookies. (Greg, the next day: "They're like little angels!")

- worst -
Molly gone back home, bah.

5 September 2002

- best -
Molly here.
Dinner out - the new Applebee's (and I thought I'd left Ohio) where we ate very very quickly and there was no music. These things are not related.
Buying sparkly red lip stuff and tea and trashy magazines. These are the necessities.
A short visit to ML (back home for the house meeting).

- worst -
Eating another donut. (I rarely learn.)
People-panic after work. There are so many of them! Swarming all over campus! I am alarmed! I have to go hide in McCabe!

4 September 2002

- best -
A clean bathroom, comparatively.
Painting my nails a shiny dark pink sort of thing.
Kelly Kelly Kelly! Whoooo! (Of course. But now that she's the American Idol she'll have to sing that crap they wrote for her. It's really very upsetting. What's more upsetting is that I've had one of the songs stuck in my head since last night. Hush.)
Donuts and coffee with Jason and Tiffany. (Although the car was a bit cramped.)

- worst -
Not going into Philly to look at stuff. (Ack, abandoned Jason! Sorry. We slept. Sigh.)
Cleaning the bathroom. (My guiding principle was bleach. And then more bleach. And so on. If I just keep plunging things in hot water and bleach, eventually they will cease to be disgusting! Yes? Yes!)
The American Idol songs again, still, more. Ew.
Also, donuts, ew. I always forget that.

3 September 2002

- best -
Back to work. (Fewer hours, and also I like money.)
Good Mail Day! (Jane magazine, and *drumroll* 20 things! 20things.org, I mean. My swap isn't up there yet, but I trust it will be soon. Whoo!
Forgot to mention Meow, the new cat that Tika brought with her. He just sniffs around a lot and is cutely spotted. Dignan keeps an eye on him; they seem to be working things out. (We tell Dignan it's his own fault Meow appeared because Dignan yelled his name so goddamn much.)
History seminar will be all right? There are only five people in it. I will have to talk. Also it's my only academic class, really. Surely I can manage. I hope. (I also like that it's at night when campus is all deserted. Er. Yeah.)

- worst -
Oh, an academic class! Life is so difficult! *snicker*
The nauseating songs they forced on Kelly and Justin on tonight's American Idol.

2 September 2002

- best -
Going backpackless to campus -- I think I'll do that the whole semester. My denim purse will suffice. No more heavy things.
Buying unnecessities at the bookstore.
First meeting of poetry workshop, I guess. It'll be ok, right? Sure it will.
Phone call from Susie and Dad.
Tomato soup and grilled cheese because the weather (and Tiffany... and me...) demanded it.

- worst -
Poetry workshop. I have some misgivings. It is awfully big and I haven't written anything in a long time and I don't know if I want to, honestly.
General disinterest in things. Also I seem to have an intense fear of campus. Fortunate I only have to go there a few times a week, hm?