[um, hi. I keep meaning to update this, sort of. I suppose I'll be back when I have either a new design or something substantive to say. Cross your fingers. Meanwhile, it's summer, which is very hot, and sort of a blur of documents and periodicals and television and beer. Also food and Scrabble and music and very small boxes. Not bad, all things considered. bye for now?]


:: 8 june 2002

Best ::
Sleeping until 12:30. (Willets has very comfortable beds, if nothing else.)
Running into Jennifer T. on campus... she's getting married in less than two months. Good lord!
Shakin taking Tiffany and me to Target to buy semi-necessities.
Playing Scrabble with Tiffany. (Good game! Happy!)
Going with Tiffany and Greg to get food and then finding a carnival in the parking lot across the street. Losing games, making spin-art, eating a caramel apple. (Oh, also they were playing American Girls when we got there. Of course they were.)
Going to the banana house to visit Laurel / watch Laurel pack / talk outside on the porch with Laurel for a few hours. (She is going away to Vermont now. Eep! But coming back in a couple of months. Goodgood.)

Worst ::
Bad eating day. (Tea and a lifesaver, then a lot of nothing, then some pizza and carnival food and chips. Er.)

:: 7 june 2002

Best ::
Less hot.
Ice cream at Baskin-Robbins.
Um... going to the movie, except for the part where we had to watch it? Does that work?

Worst ::
Stacks of boxes of Dorothea Woods' junk for me to sort through.
Said boxes all full of old clippings and so on that make me sneeze until my nose bleeds.
The scary buzzer that goes off a couple of times right before the library closes. I know it's coming, but it startles me every time, so I end up twitching from about 4:05 to 4:25 because I know it's about to go off and scare me, but I don't know quite when... eeeeek...
Seeing Bad Company with Tiffany and Greg. Sometimes you should really pay attention to the title. Bad! Very bad! Goodness.

:: 6 june 2002

Best ::
Feeding Dignan bits of organic honeycake. Weird cat.
Lounging and TV-watching... I suspect I'll stop writing that down, but you can probably assume it.
More Willets. (Hey, at least it's close to work.)
Watching the MTV movie awards... um... yeah.
We saw the video for American Girls! Well, most of it! (The elderly roaming the halls probably thought Tiffany and I had just gone over the edge. Eeeee!)
Moving furniture.

Worst ::
Re-evicting the robin.
Filing and re-filing and further filing. Bleh.

:: 5 june 2002

Best ::
A few interesting things at work: old passports, slides, scripts.
Eating lunch (er, "lunch") outside the belltower under a tree while it rained.
Camping out in Willets, I suppose. Hee.

Worst ::
Stupid overpriced bookstore purchases.
Strange empty Willets.
The robin re-nesting in my window. No! No no no! Go very far away! Stupid bird.

I seem to have lost interest. I'm sure it's only temporary. It usually is. (If it's ever not... shit, man.) Meanwhile, I'm in the Yale House, which is good, and working, which is relatively painless and will give me money. The cat is wonderful even though he makes me sneeze. I had to evict a robin nesting in my window. I don't know if it's possible to survive on chocolate, coffee, and tea, but I aim to find out. Love you and so on. Back later.

:: 23 may 2002

Best ::
IMing with many people -- Zach, Tiffany, Amelia, Chris, Laurel, David and Sarah. *very happy*
Nice quiche for dinner. (I even managed to eat my piece, although it took me nearly an hour.)
Watching silly television.

Worst ::
All this Snood practice and I still don't seem to be improving. Sigh.

:: 22 may 2002

Best ::
Assorted nice drugs. (I assume they're doing some good.)
Squashy foods that I don't have to chew. Mmmm fake chicken soup. (The cat likes it. Ha.)
Back to Dad's house for further recuperation.

Worst ::
Wisdom teeth... away! (The bottom two were impacted, which I didn't realize, so they had to be drilled out and so on. I was asleep for it all, though, so it didn't make much difference. Nitrous oxide AND IV anesthetic AND local anesthetic. Fun fun!)
Puffy sad chipmunk face. Ow.
I don't know how long it kept bleeding, but I think the fake chicken soup tasted saltier than it ought to have.

:: 21 may 2002

Best ::
Dinner at Stefano's with assorted people. (Dad, Susie, Dan, Con & Lucy, Barbara.)
To the Fairfield house -- more people, cats, etc.
Playing Scrabble with Mutti. (I won, but barely.)

Worst ::
Not getting to see Buffy.
All my stuff in the basement, where I have to unpack it or just sleep on my mattress in the middle of my boxes.

:: 20 may 2002

Best ::
11 hours of sleep.
Snood! (I like that I didn't start playing it until I was at home. Just as well, I'm sure.)
Watching the season finale of Angel.
Phone call to Tiffany.

Worst ::
Very little to do.
Being in the wrong place.

:: 19 may 2002

Best ::
Home, people, cats, bed, computer, etc.

Worst ::
Leaving is absolutely unacceptable. I don't know what I'm going to do.
Being at home, only not.
Sneezing from the cats.