:: 18 may 2002

Best ::
Easy Mac! Food from packets rocks. (It's an... aeroplane?)
Dad taking us to dinner at Samurai. (Frighteningly overattentive service, though.)
Watching people play poker. (I got to hold the money, and drink vodka and Mountain Dew. And Simon took off down the hall on a tiny toy police scooter? Indeed.)
A visit from Dan, who brought me a Como Se Llama. Ha!
Not sleeping in my sad empty room.

Worst ::
Trying to finish all my Natwork.
Packing. Empty, empty room.

:: 17 may 2002

Best ::
Visit from Bing. (I sort of ranted at him about people for no apparent reason. Oops.)
The ML boxers have arrived! There was a photo shoot. It may have been the cutest thing ever.
Visiting Amelia (who I have not gotten to see nearly enough this semester *sad*) while she packed.
Seeing Simon, who came to see Amelia, who had run away to Strath Haven, so Simon and I sat in her room (and I wore her purple hat) and played with her stuff (not really... kind of...) until we called and demanded her presence.

Worst ::
Zach leaving. (Although apparently he didn't get that far after all... *not laughing... it's not funny... but*)
Emily sick and in Worth.
Amelia leaving.

:: 16 may 2002

Best ::
Sleeping from 11-9. (Long enough for dreams, and to feel like a real person when I woke up. I swear, I'm like a three-year-old. "I'm NOT tired! I'm just sad and cranky! I WON'T go to sleep!" Until I do.)
Tax refund. Mmmmmoney.
To ML for visiting and Scrabble. (Tiffany and I beat Mark and Ben, but it was still one of the lousiest games of Scrabble ever. Sigh.)

Worst ::
Answering the door to someone I don't know while wearing a towel.
To ML to help pack, also. (No. Unacceptable. Also, the packing tape is vicious.)
The empty room noise that Eileen's door made when I opened it.

:: 15 may 2002

Best ::
I didn't write anything at all down, but that can't be right. At least my last paper is turned in and gone, and I had an amusing dinner, and shot people with a water gun, and got to see Eileen before she left.

Worst ::
Being summoned to our last poetry class/final exam when I was planning on skipping it and writing my Spanish paper. Not only that, but I was made to read a poem I had written, and I didn't have it with me so I had to remember it and I came home and checked and had gotten lots of parts wrong. Grrr. GRRR.
Writing the stupid, bare-minimum-page-length seminar paper.
Eileen leaving. (No. No no no? No!)
Another One Radiohead Song on Repeat fixation. (Apparently I've moved on from "Just" to "No Surprises.")

:: 14 may 2002

Best ::
To ML to watch Buffy and Smallville. (Good Buffy! Although hardly what I needed to be doing instead of writing my final seminar paper. Whatever. Have you noticed how I don't care?)

Worst ::
The copy machine ate my money. (And it was my own stupid fault.)
Audrey leaving... here it goes again... where everyone leaves... (*freaks out*)

:: 13 may 2002

Best ::
Turning in the history paper. Away with it!
To ML to watch Angel. (Coke commercial with American Girls!)
Finishing my other paper? (I just seem to have written "other paper" and I have no idea what I actually meant. I do that a lot.)

Worst ::
Little sleep and little food and a large coffee... twitchy, dazed, dizzy, weird.
Humidity makes fuzzy hair and stretched-out clothing.

:: 12 may 2002

Best ::
Brita. I like Brita.
New nails for this last week.
Seeing Jason X with Tiffany, Shakin, Simon and Nina. (It was great. Lots of it didn't make any sense. They froze Jason! And then they took him into space! Of course. I'm (embarrassingly) more excited for Freddy Versus Jason, though. God.)
Tiramisu on a Blue's Clues plate! (Apparently Greg made it and stopped by and left it in the fridge. MmmmmMMMM!)
Visit from Allen.

Worst ::
Up too early and confused about it and hungry.
Visit from Allen to say good-bye. NonoNOnono!

:: 11 may 2002

Best ::
Crashing the ML barbecue! (Ok, they had our meal numbers, so we weren't really crashing it. Molly painted my face with an apple and a snake. I played hug tag. Etc.)
Molly has a car! (This means we can go to exciting places like KFC, which is disgusting and perhaps the worst first destination imaginable. But... car!)
Vertigo-go senior show. There were funny bits, although I was squashed in the corner.
Yale House party, after all. (Vodka, visiting Dignan-the-cat who has gotten so large and is still so adorable, pierogies, removing the can opener from the wall, hammocking.)

Worst ::
I just... don't... do... work. Can't stand it! Can't stand myself! Bad bad BAD! Rar. Instead I go back to bed, or play Scrabble, or anything else. But this is enough. I will do work now.

:: 10 may 2002

Best ::
The latest thing by the person who makes giant sculptures: a several-times-normal size Adirondack chair out on Parrish Beach. I hope it stays there all summer! Right now there's a picture of it in the lower right corner of the Swarthmore page.
Checking out stuff in Quichua from McCabe and then wandering around online reading through Quichua dictionaries. Not in any way what I needed to be doing, but... right.
The Earthlust wind power banner going up on the balcony in McCabe. Whoo!
ML-visiting! (Zach and Jason have singles now... their room has no ceiling at all. Very very sad.)

Wandering from building to building in circles all afternoon and doing nothing useful, really. Arrrrrrrr.

:: 9 may 2002

Best ::
Lunch with some of my Spanish seminar at Aurora's house. (We were not very talkative. Although they were forced to come up with ideas for my final paper, which I of course haven't even begun to think about yet.)
Dan's senior recital. (A# won the Survivor Suite. Hee. I was impressed -- particularly liked the piece based on three different artists.)

Worst ::
Bad weather for doing anything other than sitting inside and working. Not that that helped.

:: 8 may 2002

Best ::
A Very Long Lunch. (I remember how we used to do that all the time freshman year... now I hardly ever make it to lunch at all.)
Making shiny things! (See my bracelet? And Tiffany made a necklace, but I don't have a picture.)
Visiting ML for movies and so on.

Worst ::
Half of the ceiling in Jason and Zach's room fell down. On Jason, while he was sleeping. Er? (And Zach wasn't even home. Must've been fun. "Jason, what'd you do???")
Assorted sad and nonproductive.

:: 7 may 2002

Best ::
Helping paint the Earthlust wind energy banner. (Allen sang a very nice and rather involved song to a pointy bug. Peculiar.)
Jamboree! (So much good music... Grapevine did "Winter" and an Ace of Base medley. Very... eclectic?)
To ML to watch the two most recent episodes of Buffy and visit people.

Worst ::
Finally going to Mertz to visit Bing, and... no Bing. (Although he did turn up in ML later.)

:: 6 may 2002

Best ::
My nails are sort of octarine-colored. *big dork alarm!*
Getting the first issue of my subscription to Jane in the mail.
Last Earthlust meeting: various permutations of the group hug, and an acre of Ecuadorian rainforest for the seniors. (I'll vouch for that rainforest. It rocks! See where I was? *sigh*)

Worst ::
Excess of sleep, and still somehow not enough.

:: 5 may 2002

Best ::
The PPR-b-Q. Ha! (Audrey and I had a nice symbiotic cotton candy relationship worked out - she liked to make cotton candy, and I liked to eat it. Although perhaps I shouldn't have eaten quite that much. I ate a sno-cone that looked like it was drenched in Windex, and waited a very long time for grilled corn that was entirely worth it. Mmmm.)
Dance party in Richard's room! Well, something like that. Also David reading about the social contract and the proletariat. Oh, dear.
Watching Dancer in the Dark with Audrey. (Now I have finally seen it. Good lord. And I rarely cry at movies.)
Watching X-Files with Molly and Tiffany.

Worst ::
When I've done absolutely nothing all day to make me unhappy (not counting the movie... you know what I mean) and still something is wrong, and none of the ususal tricks work, and the only way to fix it is just to go to bed and hope for the best.

:: 4 may 2002

Best ::
ML dance party, eventually, when people came and danced. (DJs Remote and Control! We still have to make the shirts. Obviously.)
General ML-ness.

Worst ::
Andrew W.K. killed my winamp. (Or at least my party list.) Why am I not surprised?
Nonproductive antsy useless day.

:: 3 may 2002

Best ::
Sleep! Nearly 9 hours. Mmmmm.
Movies on the beach with Molly.
Student Council party with Audrey.

Worst ::
Too cold for movies on the beach! *shiver*
Being asked to dance, and saying yes because saying no got tiresome.

:: 28 april - 2 may 2002

Katie: "Thesis?"
Tiffany: [plays Snood]
Katie: "Thesis??"
Tiffany: [checks livejournal]
Katie: "Thesis??? Please?"
Tiffany: "Oh, it'll be fine." [plays Snood]
Katie: [whimpers, stomps feet, hides under bedcovers]

Repeat as necessary. Necessary?? Hardly!

:: 27 april 2002

Best ::
Um... sitting around all day, telling myself I was going to do work and only sort of doing it, playing Scrabble and finally going to the Russian party and abandoning it in favor of the upstairs party and then giving up and going home? Whee.

Worst ::
I had a fun bindi-type thing stuck on my head, but it fell off before I even left for the party. I found it stuck to one of my pillows later. Sigh.
Strange techno-warped versions of decent songs at the Russian party. Dumb!

:: 26 april 2002

Best ::
Earthlust dinner! Mmmm. (Real food two nights in a row, no less.)
ML visiting.
ML visiting us! (Zach and Molly)

Worst ::
Trying to turn off the radio for several minutes before I realized it was my alarm going off.
Pop-up add things that actually install programs on your computer. Rar!

:: 25 april 2002

Best ::
Dinner not in Sharples! (Thai food cooked by Josh & Simon & Greg. Also, ice cream. Excellent!)
Watching most of the *Nsync concert at ML, although I guess it was an old concert. Alas.
To Pub Night *ahem* Pub Nite with Josh & Simon & Greg & people I didn't really know. Beer is kind of gross, but that's all right. I didn't fall in the hole in the bench! (I'm very smart...)

Worst ::
Not sleeping very much and still only getting one of my two papers finished.
I was all happy-drunk when I came home, but it still managed to turn into sad-drunk by the time I went to bed. Bah.

:: 24 april 2002

Don't seem to have written anything down today. Well, there's something, but it's scribbled out and I can't read it. I went to seminar. I registered for classes that I didn't particularly care about. I'm holding out hope that poetry workshop will be good, though.

:: 23 april 2002

Best ::
Waking up 5 minutes before my alarm just like always even when I went to bed at 6 a.m. and the alarm was set for 10 a.m. Especially fortunate because it turns out I didn't actually turn the alarm ON.
To ML to watch Smallville.
There is an ML boy band. *hilarity!*

Worst ::
Hm, didn't write anything down. Probably didn't like the lack of sleep and the having to go to class. Always a safe bet.

:: 22 april 2002

Best ::
Numbers 5 and 6 of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I feel educated now.
Out to Tom Jones and Walgreens very late at night with visiting-Gene, Josh, Tiffany and Molly. Being other places is excellent. So is purple eyeliner.

Worst ::
I would like to sleep. Indefinitely. But it doesn't happen.

:: 21 april 2002

Best ::
Avoiding Sharples. (by way of Spongebob Squarepants macaroni & cheese eaten from the pot with two forks, pizza at ML, and artichokes)
To ML to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street (numbers 1, 3 and 4) and for general hanging out. And avoiding wink.

Worst ::
Complete nonproductivity.
Stubborn artichokes that refused to be cooked properly.

:: 20 april 2002

Best ::
16 Feet's 4/20 Toe Jam Concert. Heh.
Broadcast News.
To ML for games: David & Joy beat me & Dan and Stefan & Jack & Steven-the-spec at Cranium, Tiffany & I beat Dan & Jack & David at Scrabble, but was there really any ever doubt? (Okay, yes, maybe a little. Sshhh.)

Worst ::
No Earthlust sleepout for me. (I thought it was all cold and nasty out, and then I was at ML until late, and maybe I'm just a lazy bad person.)
Being in a generally unacceptable mood for no apparent reason for most of the day. (Games improve life!) But really. I lack scale and the ability to reason with myself. Bah.

:: 19 april 2002

Best ::
Lunch at Cheng Hing with Audrey and Tiffany. (No cockroaches! At least that we could see! An improvement. Also stopped by the new candy store in the ville afterwards, which was cute.)
Visit from Allen.
Seeing The Scorpion King with Molly & company. (So bad! But funny. I didn't really realize until the end when the Rock got to say a few lines how they'd barely let him talk at all during the movie, and with good reason.)
Baking the apple scones.

Worst ::
Watermelon jelly-filled donut.
Stupid dorm oven that burns the top of the scones and leaves the bottom undercooked.

:: 18 april 2002

Best ::
CVS (but not for shiny things, sadly.)
Visiting & lilacs & the hand game & crashing other people's study breaks.

Worst ::
Hot. Right. Getting repetitive.
Things fall apart. (But now they will start being fixed.)

:: 17 april 2002

Best ::
Getting my seminar paper from last week back -- gotta love how the one I started at 3 a.m. the day it was due and presented in a sleepless daze so that I couldn't even understand what I was saying is the one the professor's liked best so far.
Sharples carnival madness. Roasted corn, which is good when it doesn't have added protein in the form of roasted worms, cotton candy, a bouncy inflatable house thing, games and prizes, other strangeness.
ML water balloon fight -- although Tiffany and I were incompetent enough at filling the water balloons to not need to actually participate to get completely soaked.

Worst ::
Have I mentioned how it's hot? Yeah.
Seminar when the professor says "I didn't ask anyone to direct class this week... I guess it's a little late. Katie, could you just direct class today?"

:: 16 april 2002

Best ::
More Ecuador pictures in the mail from Jessica. (I was sad, and then I checked my mail and was very excited, and then realized the pictures would make me sad again. And they did. But it was still good.)
Dinner & ice cream & movie with Josh.

Worst ::
Still hot out even after the apparently directly-over-my-bed thunderstorm at 6 a.m.
Variations on the theme of apathy. (See also: indifference, numbness, sleepiness, blank staring.)

:: 15 april 2002

Best ::
Mountain Goats CDs. (Not mine, but hey, I get to listen to them anyway.)
Being dragged off to lunch by Amelia.
Mailing taxes, such as they were. Begone! Unless you're going to give me a refund!
Napping. (With genuine sleep!)

Worst ::
Too HOT.
Wink injuries. Shouldn't play in short sleeves and no socks.
Confusion/sleep/noisy thunderstorm/more sleep. And many other things.

:: 14 april 2002

Best ::
Eating outside.
Semi-visit from Dan, visit from Amelia.

Worst ::
Inability to nap. (I always end up in that almost-asleep state where any noises (most of them probably imagined) startle me awake, so I just alternate between semi-consciousness and suddenly awake with pulse racing for no good reason. Not restful.)
Sometimes it is very hard to reason with myself.